How do I stop some of these One Press Songs!

I am enjoying lots of the user generated content.
I find that with some of the songs the outro button doesn’t stop them so I end up hitting the pause button. But then the only way I can see to get out of the song is to crouch down and advance to the next song with the arrow buttons.
What am I missing?

There’s probably more than one way to solve this. Here’s one.

If the song requires a double-tap to start, move the Outro to the Intro and then copy the Null/Nil/Empty section to the Outro. Save your project. You’ll then be able to start with a single-tap and end with a double-tap.

I believe 4.0.1 and later will always stop a song even if there is no outro loaded in. You can also enable triple tap to stop!

I have the two extra buttons and use the pause button to stop. Then hold the beat buddy pedal down to clear and reset. Then i can hold the accent button to flip to other folders. Tap to the song. Tap the beat buddy pedal to select the song. Tap again to start it.

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I have the same problem! Did you find a working solution?

Triple tap is a little cumbersome, but it works to stop the song. :slight_smile:

JTsBoss’s method is how I do it too. never had a problem. I set up set lists and once I pause the song(foot switch) I hold the beat buddy pedal down(couple seconds) and the song is paused and ready to repeat. I have my foot switch set up in non playing mode to advance song or previous song so I can move forward and/or backwards through my setlist. simple