How do I use RPO selected in 6x6?

Using the MM. If I use CC41 #100 I can record on selected track. BUT how do I select a track with out it automatically recording? I want to select the blank track - then start RPO - i.e when Im ready.
And why can’t 6X6 work like 2 x 2? i.e have 6 select track buttons - 1 for each track? ( If you want that many)Then hit RPO. Or 6 x RPO for each track?
I find I want more than 2 x 2 mainly because I just want a 3rd part. But its frustrating so far. Too many button presses. But If I am missing something in the workflow any advice would be good.

Yyou cannot start a blank track
But what you can do is start a recording without playing anything, Than you have a track without sound and than you can use RPO to overdub the track

You can use Next track CC41 Value 103, to select the next track on your MM, and than RPO
Or use RPo for each track CC41 Value 101 for track 1, 102 for track 2 etc…

Thankyou Steve. I guess that’s about the best option. Cheers

Actually is there an update to the midi commands sheet? The one I have has the last updates at 4.1.2. There is no value 103 for cc41. And it specifically says that 100 is for RPO on selected track for 6 x 6. I don’t understand that.

Hi Skip
Omg my answer is wrong, I was confused with the CC of the 4.2 beta
There is no RPO cc 41 & value 103
I was confuse with the command of Next track of the 4.2 and this is CC 41 Value 103 like David mentionned here : Aeros Firmware 4.2.x - Aeros Loop Studio / Docs and Downloads - Singular Sound Forum

This command allow you to select the track that you want a RPO, like the middle switch of the Looper
Sorry Dude!

No worries Steve. I guess I’ll just have to wait for when ever 4.2 comes out. Cheers