How do you change theCue Fill Options

Manual says you change the fill settings by going to(Settings > Main Pedal >
Cue Fill) but I can’t even find a settings in the manager software how do I change those???

What is ment is, the settings in the BB itself, not the manager software. For your info here is a link to a question about the cue fill. just for info. Cue fill. hope this helps

Thank you for the info, but how do I get to those settings . LOL where are they located on the SD card?

They are not on the SD card. They are part of the BB firmware. You access them on the pedal. With your pedal turned on, press Drum Set and Tempo knobs at the same time. Then scroll down to Main Pedal. Press the Tap button. Then scroll to Cue Fill Period. Press the tap button.

The percentage setting were eliminated several firmwares ago, and were replaced by the descriptive options you’ll see instead. Scroll down to the one you want, press tap, and then scroll down to BACK and press tap to save your selection. You can then back out of the setting menu by pressing the left arrow twice.

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Thank you so much I’m a little sense at times LOL