How to do a fresh instal of BBManager? (Mac)

So i don’t have my beatbuddy yet but i started messing around with the BBManager to create a custom kit however the wave_sources folder looks completely out of wack.

I tried loading a wav file for a kick and one for a snare (tho i know i put it in note 37 for sticks) however once i save the drumset and project, close the drumset and quit BBManager, when i come back to it the wav don’t play any sound and the wave_sources gets all completely out of wack

I’m assuming this has to be why after restarting BBManager there are no sounds when you hit the play button for each wav.

Seems as if the last folder that BBManager creates becomes the root of the wave files for it.

I figured i could fully uninstal it (i’m on macos btw) but i tried removing the app and the BBWorkpace folder and when i reinstal it it tells me that there’s a project missing so i’m assuming there are other files that need to be deleted, i checked my user library for anything for bbmanager or singularsound but nothing.

Any idea on how to remove all the files attached to the app?

Here’s a screenshot of what the wave_sources folder looks like.


PS. i opened the .drm drumset file with a hex viewer and i noticed paths like this one listed on a new drumset i tried creating


The nested folders is a known issue and Singular Sound will eventually get around to fixing it. Just hope I’m not looking at daisies from the bottom up when the fix finally arrives :crossed_fingers:

The issue you report about a missing project is what the BBM requires. It’s missing files—not files you e failed to delete. Follow the instructions here General Disaster Recovery and it should help you get on track.

Hi thank you for the info, so in other words i can’t create a custom drumset? lol that will defeat owning the BB for me :sob:

Also after deleting the Application and the BBWorkspace, then reinstalling BBManager, i get a popup on every launch telling me that the Project i had created before (with the actual name that i had used) is missing.

In other words there are files holding paths that need to be deleted that are part of maybe the user library folder, BBManager should not remember what the name of my last project is if i had just deleted it and re-installed it.

That’s what im trying to do, delete any files related to BBManager and then do a re-instal

The nested folders should not prevent you from creating drum sets. It’s just something to be aware of and to live with until SS fixes it.

As far as a new install of the BBM remembering your deleted project name, it’s an indicator that you have other BBM folders or files that you could have inadvertently created and not deleted yet. Check carefully that this isn’t the case and search for and delete all BBM files and folders.

When you have deleted it all and then reinstalled the BBM, use the default content update (SD card backup) as a source for your project. Also make sure that you use the BBM > Tools > Update Workspace Location to map to your project folder within your bbworkspace folder.

I use Hazel on my Mac to remove files and folders associated with apps that I delete. Useful tool. There are others out there as well.

The issue with the nested folders is that when i create a drumset with wavs (that when i hit play on it’s file they play fine) then when i restart BBM they don’t play anymore.

I’ll keep messing around with it, my BB arrives tomorrow so i wanted to have a good idea of what im doing before I start creating songs and all that.

Thank you for your advice!

After further testing it looks like my WAV files are being corrupted when BBM saves my drumset, they become unplayable.

I loaded the rock kit, copied a kick and snare wav file to my desktop then created a new drumset with those 2 files and it plays fine.

I gotta figure out what’s the issue i’m exporting these from logic as WAV, 44.1K, 16-bit with overload protection, interleaved, no dithering, realtime/bounce 2nd cycle pass, include tail

Negative. Logic corrupts your wave files on the way in. You need a tag stripper to remove the meta data from the wav files. Then they will work just fine.

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For the win! That did it thank you!