How to export WAV files from internal memory

Hi, I’m just wondering if there is any way to get the WAV files from the internal memory on to my computer? I tried connecting via usb, but it didn’t do anything.
Does anyone know if there’s a way to get wavs from the internal memory? Thanks.

To access the internal memory you need to remove the SDCard
Plug the usb
Power Off and power on , normaly it will open the internal memory after the reboot

Thanks so much!!

Hey there,

yes, this is possible as of version 5.x.x, check out version 5.1.x!

From the Aeros Manual:

USB access to Internal Memory

You can access the internal memory of the Aeros on your computer through the USB port, making backing up your songs an easy process.

To access the internal memory: With the Aeros powered OFF, connect it to your computer via USB and then power the Aeros ON.

Do not connect the Aeros while powered ON or the memory will not be accessed until it is rebooted

To access the SD card, insert it in the SD card slot before turning the Aeros on while it is connected to your computer via USB.

Thanks for the question!