How to restore default settings and update firmware and drumsets/songs?

I just bought an used BeatBuddy and I want to do a full restore of default settings plus memory erase, firmware update, drumsets/songs update etc. Nothing fancy, just the default “as new” pedal with last updates. I already downloaded all the stuff available on the site, including manuals which I’m about to read.
Can you tell me a quick and easy way to do this?

This should help:

Thanks. I don’t need to use the Software for now, I guess it’s possible to just copy the default files into the SD card and install the latest firmware, right?

Yes, it is however, the software (BBM) is used to manage and back up the pedal content. It’s a key part of the BB system and sooner or later you will have to use it.

I’ll do, of course.
I’ve read the complete manual and learned how to reset the pedal to default settings using the settings menu, it seems really easy to do. I guess it erases the SD card content, too?
No mentions about updating the firmware though. It’s clear to me that you need to copy the new files into the SD root and power the pedal on to start the installation. The problem is that I don’t have an SD card reader on my PC, is it possible to use the USB cable of the pedal to access SD card folders?

Don’t know if you’re using Mac or PC. It can be done that way but it’s so much easier for me to just connect my laptop to the BB via USB and I’ve never had some of the problems I’ve seen posted here by people taking the SD card out of the BB.

The BB shows up as a drive so you can just click and drag. As @persist said, the BBManager is a key component and vital to getting the most out of the pedal. There’s plenty of help on the forum and people willing to help. Good luck and enjoy!

It does not delete the content of the pedal—it just resets the pedal settings to the factory default.

You can try using the USB cable method but it’s not as reliable for some users as using an SD card reader. Might eventually be worth buying an external SD card reader.

Thanks, guys. I’ll report back as soon as I finished updating the pedal.

You can backup the SD Card contents by copying them to a folder on your hard drive. Then just copy the files and folders back to the SD Card if you need to restore them. Also removing contents of the params folder in the SD card will reset the BB as well. It’s best practice to move the contents (not delete) in case you want them back.