How to use drum kits that can be used with the beat buddy that provide BASS/drums in specific keys?

Hi, I’m new to this forum

I have been using a Digitek Trio+ floor pedal to get Bass & Drums, but i’m very interested in trying to use drum kits that can be used with the beat buddy that provide BASS/drums in specific keys.

Can u provide any insight on this matter ?

The BB works differently from the Trio. With the BB, parts are pre-programmed. If you want a song in multiple keys, you have to write it or have it written in each key. It uses midi to play bass and drums (and keyboards, horns, etc.) but it doesn’t do it on the fly, like a Trio.

Download the BB Manager software if you have not already done so. Then search the Resources>Songs section of this forum for something you might want to try. You’ll also need to download the necessary drum kit or kits from Resources>Drum Kits.

With a 32gb SD card, the BB can handle hundreds of songs and well over 100 drum kits. It requires more planning than using a Trio, but it will generally be superior in performance situations.

Thanks for the reply

Do u know of any other Drum kits that I can purchase for my Presonus Artist one 4 software, (.Wav files) I need to get drums samples/plugin’s that are pretty much complete patterns with possibility of adding fills/endings, patterns like like Bossa’s , swings’ Funk etc to add to my presonus tracks & then i add the guitar rhythms on other tracks, i’m used to using the drums on a keyboard or stand alone drum machine

any suggestions at all r welcome


There is probably more midi available than wav loops, although there are wav loops, too. You might look for Acid Latin to get some wav files. You can get midi loops and then record the midi output as a wav. Best bet is to just search for things like “Bossa wav”, etc.