I'm a Newbie and would need some help please!


i’m a Newbie with the Beatbuddy and by mistake i have made some accidental changes in the BeatBuddy Manger with the “Ballad-mini” folder:

  1. …accidentally i have created two folders in the “Ballad-mini” section called “New Folder” and “New Folder(1)” which i want to remove (they are empty). How can i delete them?

  2. …the numbering of the “Songs” in the “Ballad-mini” section is 2, 3, 6, 8, 13

I don’t know, if i have deleted the missing numbers like 1, 4, 5 etc. by mistake or if just the numbering went wrong. How many “Songs” does the “Ballad-mini” section include? How can i restore the default “Songs” in the “Ballad-mini” section with the correct numbering?

It would be great if someone could help me, many thanks Georg.

You can use CTRL Z to undelete things as long as you have not quit and re-launched the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
Select the folder, go to main menu Songs - Delete Folder

The beats are not numbered unless you renamed them and my screen shot shows you have the correct amount of beats and beat names.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 2.31.20 PM
If you have not read the BBM user manual or quick start guide, you might want to do so to help you learn more about the BBM. You can find some helpful information by clicking on the hyper-link in blue font: resources


Hi Persist,

many thanks for your fast reply and help!!! I could delete the folders…and thanks for the “Ballad-mini” screenshot, i was assuming that this folder has 13 Songs!

I have read both the quick start guide and the manual, but as a German-speaking it’s sometimes a bit difficult to understand everything!

Thanks, Georg.

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Thanks for translating.

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I’m not sure how to power off the Beatbuddy in a correct way…just by disconnecting the power supply? Or shall i remove the SD card from the Beatbuddy before disconnecting the power supply?

Leave the card in the BB. Just disconnect the power from the BB, or unplug the power supply from the electrical outlet.


Many thanks for help and fast reply!!!

If i left-click on a fill (in “Jazz 1-med swing” for instance) it does not show me where the fill is on the computer in the window that opens. I have to search for it in the window by clicking “Documents - BBWorkspace -default-lib - midi-sources - JAZZ and Jazz Song 1-medium swing” to see the fills.

I wonder why the fills in the window have different names as the fills in the “Song” itself and why the song-names and song-quantity is completely different?

GeorgFritz It’s fine to unplug the pedal, or, you can simultaneously push the Drum Set and Tempo dials. You will then be prompted to power down.

Did you mean, put the pedal to sleep or to “power down”? :sleeping:

My mistake. That is the sleep mode. But it’s fine to unplug the pedal. No need to remove card.

Ok, thanks…i will try it!