Importing audio files into Aeros

I have been having fun with the Aeros doing live stream looping, etc. Now I have a need to import a couple of audio files using the SD card. Is there a link that explains the format , etc for importing audio files onto the SD card so that the Aeros can read the files?


That’s currently not possible.

Hello, yes, @LordRadish is correct, that is not currently possible, but we do plan on making It possible soon. Probably soon after finish auto-quantize, which will happen after the MIDI implementation (the next release) and Lock Tracks (the one following).


Thanks for the update !

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Is the ability to import wav files to the Aeros and option yet? I am looking to purchase an Aeros but haven’t found out whether this is available yet. Thanks

Hello there, unfortunately, no, not yet, hopefully soon!