Importing audio files into Aeros

I have been having fun with the Aeros doing live stream looping, etc. Now I have a need to import a couple of audio files using the SD card. Is there a link that explains the format , etc for importing audio files onto the SD card so that the Aeros can read the files?


That’s currently not possible.

Hello, yes, @LordRadish is correct, that is not currently possible, but we do plan on making It possible soon. Probably soon after finish auto-quantize, which will happen after the MIDI implementation (the next release) and Lock Tracks (the one following).


Thanks for the update !

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Is the ability to import wav files to the Aeros and option yet? I am looking to purchase an Aeros but haven’t found out whether this is available yet. Thanks

Hello there, unfortunately, no, not yet, hopefully soon!

Hi Brennan,

I too wish to bring WAV file in on the card; since the tracks themselves are WAV files I figured I could just change the name of the file to the track format, in a song folder, and it would recognize it as a track.
I’ve done this, not getting the “song” to load. Tips,thoughts? Seems a surmountable task.

At present, the only way is to record the wav to the Aeros.

Yes, Phil is right, there is no Importing function on the Aeros, all things must be recorded using the Aeros.

We hope to add the functionality eventually, but it is a low priority for now

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There’s probably some additional meta information in the files. Maybe storing the time signature and BPM, etc.

As you say… It’s just a wav file in the end, so “import” can’t be an enormous difference.

Since it’s hardly trade secret stuff, it would be nice if singular told us what the Aeros looks for in these files. Then even if import support is low priority, those who are inclined could write our own tools to do it.

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Yes, this seems fairly basic. PLEASE?

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When is this coming? I thought it was only supposed to be a couple of months.

Awaiting arrival of my Aeros and learned that importing WAV files is not supported yet. Looks like the Aeros files are a bit complex creating the problem. I do wonder if an Aeros WAV file was modified, ie, reverb applied and written back if it would work? I assume not.

I would think that where there are no built in effects that writing out to a DAW then back to the Aeros would be a critical task for many of us.
Or at least a reamping option.

Wonder if you could play a track from Aeros back into it on a new recording track to add outboard effects such as a reverb?

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I had to play the track on a playback device and used a patch cable to go audio out to audio in. Got a stereo mini plug that goes to two 1/4" mono L and R.

Why wouldn’t you just make sure you use the sounds you want when you’re looping? Most people are putting this on a pedalboard, don’t you already have a verb?

I want audio import, too, this just seems like a strange reason to want it, and would do no good, live.

Yes, I use a few reverbs but I’m developing backing tracks for the Aeros with live looping on top. Would be nice to be able to tweak the backing track with some verb or delay after recording them especially where you can’t do it in your DAW and then import.

PS - Any idea what the “exp in” input is for? Maybe for future effects?

Importing of files is still not supported on the Aeros, it will require some UI reworking and a input method. This is something we know several users are set on having as a feature, but it is not something we can get to immediately.

Stay tuned!

Currently the idea is to allow the usage of an external pedal for more precise volume control from an expression pedal. Note: this is not a audio input

I’m ok with recording loops through the inputs while we wait for an import function but the song limitation of 2.5 minutes per track is a real limitation, at least for me.

Once Aeros has the ability to at least double the time to 5 minutes, it will dominate the market!


Just checking to see that importing WAVs from a DAW still isn’t a thing with the AEROS?