Importing audio files into Aeros

Not yet a thing, no, it is something we hope to do ASAP, stay tuned!

Hello there Singular Sound and Co

Thanks for the latest firmware update on the Aeros !
I have been enjoying my Aero’s and Beat Buddy with my keyboard setup…Works and sounds great !
I need to have some bass tracks and was wondering on the status of importing audio into the Aeros ?


I hope so. Units I bought still just collect dust. No backing tracks, can’t import/output to DAW easily, track length should be 10 min. Unfortunately now looking at the Boss unit but still have a glimmer of hope.

Thanks Brennan !

Robert… hang in there as cutting edge tech sometimes has growing pains, but worth the wait.

We’re working on many things, all of them must be done before we can move on to backing tracks, check back in in about a month!

Time extension is coming soon, this is what we’re working on now, stay tuned.

I now need to import tracks too. I want to import Stairway To Heaven vocals so that they sing along with me when I trigger them with my foot. So that’s several minutes of singing in one track.

Please Move it up your list.

Although import support won’t be ready for some time, time recording extension is already in alpha testing, so you’re welcome :slight_smile: we do listen!

You can record the audio line outs from your DAW into the Aeros, if you sync it with MIDI you can time things very well! I know this is not ideal, and it is not the last step, hopefully we can create a UI and capability for import/export function soon (one that can cut the 360 extra samples and prep the file for looping).


OK thanks! I will record it for now.

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