Aeros Firmware 4.1.x

Hi there fellow Aerosnauts!

We’re excited to release Aeros firmware version 4.1.2!

This version will be classified as beta for the next week or two. If no major bugs are reported, we will publish it as an official version over the wifi.

Aeros Firmware Version 4.1.2 Changelog

  • Major expansion of MIDI capabilities (See this document for details)
  • Improved synchronization system with BeatBuddy: The Aeros occasionally lost sync with the BeatBuddy’s count if it was stopped while the BeatBuddy continued playing, and then restarted. Aeros now continues to count incoming MIDI clock so it restarts at the begining of the measure and stays in sync.

What we’re working on next

  • Fade out/in to and from stopped,
  • Fade out/in to and from a muted state
  • Reverse track playback

To try out this firmware, update with the SD card (note: the SD card must be between 4-32 GB in capacity): Download this file , rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-4.1.2.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

IMPORTANT: Turn off your Aeros BEFORE putting in the SD card. Putting in the SD card while Aeros is on and then immediately turning it off can corrupt the firmware file.

If you see any bugs, please report it to us so we can fix it! Please send logs to along with a video and/or a description of the bug. To learn more about useful information you could give us to better help you, please read this post on bug reports.

To go back to the previous official firmware, use the same SD card update method to install the last official version 4.0.2


Thank you

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I updated to 4.1.2 via the sd card, all went well.

Then, when I restarted the Aeros, it detected a wifi update and I selected ‘Yes’ from the dialog. The file was downloaded, the Aeros restarted, and installed the 4.0.2 firmware.

It is unexpected that this would happen, so I’m posting to simply say one must activate the checkbox to forget that update permanantly (don’t recall the exact wording).

Of course it would be better if the wifi update did not automatically offer lower versions than currently installed, or at least included the version number of that update so the user can see that it’s not actuially new.


Hey there sorry you got tripped up by this

This is a beta, and while, yes, we could limit what is read by the wifi update system, in the end that time spent is better spent reminding users not to update via wifi when using unofficial versions.

We may improve this in the future but we are working on other things at this time.

If you’d like to follow your request you should submit a feature request!

Thanks for your feedback


Hello everyone.
You say you are working on the possibility of creating a “fade in” and a “fade out”. Will this command also act simultaneously on the BB if it is connected with midi? That would finally be great, and no more abrupt loop stop.!

What happened to Auto Quantize though? Wasn’t that supposed to be next? :confused:

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Bug on firmware 4.1. I have updated successfully and I am really glad with the song selection capability… Finally ! Yeah !!! Really happy with this as it will be a lot more fun to use the Aeros in a live performance. Looks like I have lost something though. Now that I have updated to the latest firmware all song part changes happen immediately instead of end of measure as it is set up in the main setting page. CC113 with value 1,2,3,4,5 should allow to select the track and then with CC113 value O execute selected track. the latest firmware update no longer behave that way.

I didn’t understand how to open the songs list?

I am looking forward to the final release candidate of this firmware update and will wait until then rather than try the beta as there are already a couple of glitches being reported by others testing it. Good to see the continuing evolution. Long may it continue.

This is not indicate in the new midi commands

You need to check this too:

Would ask, in 6x6 mode, CC36 to scroll throught tracks and CC41 to RPO on that track?

Fade out/in coming at last! Oh, happy day! I have been waiting for this since Aeros was first announced. A must-have feature for me. I will finally be able to buy it. Thank you!


I updated to the beta version this a.m. Some of the midi commands are working, have not been thru them all. I can select a song using CC and PC commands. The update docs states that this will ‘fully open’ the song. I can only get it to select the song in the list, not open.

Did you assign the CC0 and Program Change values to the song in its edit window?

I sure did. the messages select the song in the list, but it does not open.

Okay, important distinction. The First song you must open. After the song is open and you select the next song it opens fully.


Ah! True. It only works when a song is already loaded.

Can we add a midi command to OPEN a song? Then I can send all midi messages to control the box.

CC 36
This command load the selected song

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Hello everyone. I just updated my Eros for the last time. I just detected a problem. the Pre-account before false registration. When I set it to where two bars, it starts randomly between 1 and 2 bars without sync with the tempo. I tested by disconnecting the midi cable which arrives from the Beat buddy, and that does not change anything. I reinstalled the previous version and I no longer have this problem.
Hope you understood my google translation because I’m French, and I don’t write English. Thank you.

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