Importing Groove Monkee Folders?

I bought the Groove Monkee Country Beats and would like to “import folder” so all are in my “project”. The “BB Gig Basics” beats imported perfect by just selecting one file.

Is there an expedient way to do this, short of importing every beat from every song from every folder?

No. The Import Folder option is for ‘pbf’ folders only, that contain full songs (‘sng’ format). What you have from Groove Monkee are MIDI files. They would need to be imported manually.

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Hello 8daypsalmist,

I’m working on converting the Country pack to a .pbf now. I’d like to send it to someone for testing before adding it to the download and starting some of the other packs.

If anyone would like to be a beta tester, you can select the pack of your choice in addition to keeping anything I send you for testing.

Many thanks,


Hello all,

I know many of you have purchased the country pack so here’s my first attempt at a .pbf file if anyone would be so kind as to test it out:

If I’m doing this correctly, I’ll add the remaining songs and make it available for previous customers and all new purchases.

Thank you!

I so far have loaded the GM country .pbf into the beat buddy manager without issue. There were 3 different presets loaded all parts played fine from within the BB Manager. I tried making sure all the different parts played via the BB pedal simulator. I will try loading it to my actual BB over the next day or so and report back. BTW, the samples sound really, really excellent!

Very nice!

Hey Rick,

Thanks man!! Send me a pm with your email address and I’ll get you a copy of Country and anything else you’d like.

The Country .pbf should be added to our downloads in a day or two…existing customers can download from:

Support->Legacy Accounts

Thanks again! I really appreciate your time on this!

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Hello. A BB newby here.
Have spent the last twelve hours painfully trying to come to grips with this BB.
Running a mac 10.10.5

Everything seems quite difficult and un intuative at first… Not unlike a real drummer I suppose !!!

I got up the task of loading in 3rd party tracks (free sampler kit) and my heart sunk when i saw post #2 of this thread.


I have to say the simplest and most productive thing i have done all day was to load in those three country tracks.
They sound great…. and don’t make me want to sack/hurt the drummer for doing stupid self indulgent fills that ruin the groove.

Well done Russ!!
You have made my day.


Hi Nags.
Great! Just got the link from Russ at Groove Monkey and looking forward to trying it out.

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Got my GM Country rhythms loaded without any problems from GM onto my BB Manager and to my pedal. Sound good but what is going on with the Outro. Goes on forever and ever and ever. Can this be edited in BBManager? Hope so.

I assumed they were actual songs and that was the coda…?

As for endings, the country pack has outros which are 8-bar loops while the endings are generally 4 bars of “time” with an ending, often the loops is 8 bars or longer…it depends on the particular ending.

Since they are midi, you can certainly chop them down if you want a shorter ending.

Hey Nags,

Thanks for testing and the feedback! If you send me a pm with your email, I’ll get you a free copy of the complete 10-song pack. The .pbf file is finished and I’ll be adding it to our downloads today.

Fourmost, pm your email and I’ll get you a free copy too…thanks for testing it out, man! :slight_smile:

The link above no longer works but I’ll post a link to a new demo file from

I’ll start creating .pbf files for some of the other packs…thanks to everyone for their patience and continued support!

Hello all,

I’ve updated the download area so if you purchased Country in the past, you can download the latest version with the PBF file at: Support->Legacy Accounts

The BeatBuddy material is in the “other midi mappings folder” (don’t run the installer) and includes:

  1. Midi files mapped for BeatBuddy
  2. PBF file
  3. The 10 individual songs (.sng files)

Just following up…I loaded the GM Country beats without issue onto the actual BB. I should add I synchronized with an existing project versus creating a new one. I am not sure it makes a difference as far as your loops are concerned but thought I would pass along the data. As with the BB manager I tried all fills / transitions / endings on the actual BB and it worked great and sounded great!

Thanks Rick!! I sent you a pm so I can get you a full copy of Country. :cool:

At the risk of being awarded the ‘dumb question of the day’ prize…Where is the pm button???


Hey Nags, I sent you a pm

Same as myself. I used my trusty hotmail to send pm.

Thanks Russ.
Is this editing done from within the BB Manager? If so is it possible to take an ending from one song, say Country 1 and place it in another, say GM Country 2 .
Is there instructions for this procedure?

Just came across “Tutorial 2-Using the BeatBuddy Manager software 1.32” by Jonathan Aldridge that demonstrates some song editing. Think this is what I am trying to do. I’ll have a go and see what happens. This stuff is fascinating.