Inconsistency in freeform mode when the setting "Mute/Unmute track" is set to `EOM`

Problem statement

There is no notion of measure in freeform mode, and this “Mute/Unmute track” setting is global, i.e. not related to the actual mode of the song, and its possible options are:

  • Immediate
  • EOM
  • End of Loop

If this setting is set to EOM, in freeform mode it actually occurs then immediately because of this lack of notion of measure (behaves like if the setting was set as Immediate).

It is debatable of course, but I think the translation of EOM in freeform mode should more be End of Loop than Immediate, because EOM expresses the will to act at the end of something and I see the equivalent of a measure in freeform mode as the loop itself…

Solution proposal

I see two potential different ways to solve this:

Move the setting definition at song level

This way depending on the selected mode, EOM would only appear in quantized mode. Probably more work, clearer for the user.
Yet doesn’t avoid to have to make a default choice for the setting when the user toggles between quantized and freeform modes.

React to EOM in freeform mode as if the setting would be End of Loop

For me it sounds pretty straightforward to implement, the cons being that it behaves differently than how it is actually defined in the settings (like it is today, but defaulting to the other possible choice).
I see this solution as a short-term one, whereas maybe the first one should be the target.

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Hey there, I find it unlikely that we will make it so complex, I agree with you that EOM should imply waiting, that is probably a simple fix, will bring it up. To make it depend on the mode you’re in gets very complicated since these are device settings, not song specific ones.

I’d say the user should make an appropriate choice considering what mode they will be in, most users aren’t switching back and forth. Also, once we start working on auto-quantize, we will probably come into issues if we mess with the setting’s “availability”.

I’d say leave it up to users to make the adequate choice for their muting style.

Yup, actually it’s fine for me if EOM in freemode is processed as End of Loop probably the cheapest yet effective answer.

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I will probably make a separated suggestion on this. Absolutely neither urgent not critical, but it looks like you’re managing settings the hard way, and I think there would be a much simpler/cleaner yet versatile way to do it.



Here you have :wink: