Individual Drone notes in each part, with seamless transitions -- or -- soloing tracks

I would like to know if and/or how I can accomplish this. I am interested in any method at all.

I have a piece I normally play with another musician, I play the melody on violin, the other musician plays drones on cello.

Now, I want to use the Aeros to provide pre-recorded drones. The duration of the drones varies from performance to performance.

The initial idea I had was to record each drone note in its own part (in 6x6 mode), and then switch parts using the Aeros buttons I play the melody. it was no surprise that as each part starts playback there’s a bit of a click.

I did read the topic named “Seamless Drone” it turned out to be on a different subject.

So – can anyone give me a workflow that might work for this?

Thank you!

My solution was to toggle mute on individual tracks using my KMI Softstep.

The Solo command generated bad clicks, I reported separately, but it seems to me such a common thing would have been known. I could not find a topic about it, so if anyone knows, please link in a reply. Thanks

This is very simple, just switch parts while recording, it is seamless

Let me know if this is not working for you

I read your other reply

Wow. Makes sense, thanks. I will do this using parts then.

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For my own info, what is the purpose behind the midi solo command?

The issue is using it very quickly, you are overloading the unit by doing so

Soloing is not made with the intention of being a quickly performed repetitive action

Thank you @BrennanSingularSound. That’s interesting, and I did see that if I waited long enough after sending a solo command, there would be no pop.

Anyway, there are several other ways to to accomplish this, including using parts, which I will now delve into.

What a deep device.

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