Infinity Looper Help

Just picked up and infinity looper. Pedal works as advertised but I can not get it to save loops from the computer application that comes with the pedal. I was wondering if anyone else has this pedal. I am pretty sure that I am doing everything right. The manual is vague and there is no tutorial or help file with the program. Still waiting on a response from Pigtronix.

I also ordered a Pig-Looper and am wondering which kind of (micro) sd card I have to use to get more loop space. I hope it is allowed to ask this in the BB forum, cause there are not less people using this, and maybe know some answers…? I think in the manual is mentioned to store your presets before conecting it to PC/Mac and application is to make decisions of “loopstyle” like 4/4Beat, series mode etc. … What do you try to save???

Has an 8gb card inside the unit. Once you plug it into the computer it acts like a jump drive. There are no instructions on changing the card. You have to open up the unit and that may void your warranty. I can save loops on the pedal but I haven’t been able to import audio. Even small wav files. Something is definitely wrong as you are suppose to have 2 hours recording time. The manual means that you should save your loops before you plug it into the computer because you can’t use the unit once it is connected by usb.

I have the “pig” as well…
The BEST thing to do , which has helped me…is email them. They are VERY nice and helpful. Or…Call them direct. They pickup the phone and help out. They too are trying to figure out certain things with their looper and the beat buddy combo. Its a HUGE learning curve on it all…and im still somewhat in the dark. I spoke to them a few weeks ago, and asked for videos on the looper and beat buddy combo, they said they are in the works…Email them. They talk you thru it, they answer your questions, they dont treat you like your an idiot for not knowing their product. They know WE are musicians trying to be better, and learn new innovative things :slight_smile:

I have called them and emailed as well. They were suppose to call me yesterday but I guess there is some bad weather down there. I am trying to remain patient but it is frustrating when you have a pedal that won’t do what it is suppose to. I suspect that there is a problem with the SD card and it is not allowing it to save from the computer. For a pedal that is suppose to have 2 hours recording time the most I can get is 1 minute and 5 seconds. I’m sure they will solve the problem. Have you had any issues with the computer app for transferring files?

Guys, why don’t you use Pigtronix forums for help instead? You will most likely get help faster there.

Obviously, but I have not been able to find one. Do you know of any? They have a blog on their website but that is just firmware updates.

Well, yeah, looks like you are correct :slight_smile:

But now I have an answer to everyone who keeps asking for a BeatBuddy phone number - Infinity Pigtronix doesn’t even have a forum!!! :slight_smile:

Would also love to find a pig-forum… Thats why I mentioned, hope itll be allowed to get some help here. Since Infinity is one typically source BB-people use… (the other is Boomerang;)). Please dont quit our conversation here, dont know where else to find help.:confused:

Until Singular Sound comes up with something like a LoopBuddy, discussing third party loopers is perfectly okay here :slight_smile:

Hey, if they recognice our discussions, they can handle loopbuddy right from the start, allready knowing, what BB-folks wish…
(Should we start a Wish-list?)
Hope Midi-control possibility comes out, befor they start to design LoopBuddy.:smiley:

This is going from memory, but in the software there are two buttons at the bottom of each preset that say something like TO LOOPER and FROM LOOPER. If you click the TO LOOPER button, you can choose a file, like an MP3 or WAV or whatever really, and it will go to the looper. If you click the FROM LOOPER button, you can download the stored loop to your computer.

They are located in Long Island…so i doubt they will get back to you this week. Small company…but AMAZING customer service. The guy who usually answers the phone is BRITT/ or BRETT… I will agree …I love analog. Plug and play , no computer software or BS. But…the concept of both products, pig and bb, is good. But they key is to make them work, on the companys end…more simple…simple software…software for dummies. But until then…YES , lets keep this open, because im working out the kinks as well…many many kinks. and any and ALL help is appreciated…and…
THE PIG LOOPER , as i call it…IS one of the best loopers out there, it works BEST with the bb…

Thats exactly what I’ve done. Seems logical but the loop is not there when I reboot. Same when I erase from the computer. It is still there when I reboot. Only discovered today how to find the 50 presets. Not really explained well in the manual. All help is much appreciated even though this is a beatbuddy form.

I’ve been in contact with them but response has been very very slow. Hopefully it is just the weather situation. We are in the middle of the storm now. I live in Newfoundland. Had a snow day yesterday and a half day today. There are some benefits to being a teacher.

Not sure if a visual will help but here it is:

Take a look at the console box as you can see all the communication that takes place between the looper and the PC, if you’re clicking things in the app and it’s not writing to the looper, there are other issues.

Thanks for the graphic. Its not writing to the looper as you said. Still waiting on an email or phone call from pigtronix. I can save a loop from the looper to the computer. That works fine. When I load a loop it goes through the motioins but it is not there when I reboot. Same goes for clearing a loop from preset. Something is definitely going on. Does your looper show up as 67 mb. Mine shows up as 61.4.

So just to review, you click preset 1, click on Load Loop 1 and select a short mp3. It does it’s processing thing and when it’s done, you unplug the USB cable, reboot the looper… when it comes back, you turn the preset knob to 1, press down to load it, and no joy?

Exactly. No joy I was wondering if there is a file missing.there website says that the infinity will show up on your computer as a 67 mb flash drive. Mine shows up as 61. There must be a reason for that.

Any chance you could send me a pic of what is in the Library folder. All the other files seem to be stuff you can download from the site.

I have one on order.

But this conversation has me stumped ‘a little’. I skimmed the manual, and you can use other SD cards. Like typical SD cards, it gives you recording times, etc.

I mean, they wouldn’t use SD cards if they weren’t user replaceable. Just is they way it’s done. (I think?? :smiley: ). If the opening up with screws thing has you worried. 98% of the pedals I own you have to use a screwdriver to go inside just to change the battery. It’s a boutique thing.

Point is, there’s probably some simple thing that’s jamming you up. Or, a defective unit, but I’m thinkin, more on the little thing side.