Input level should always be displayed

Clipping is a big deal and occurs pretty easily if you are not careful how you change settings upstream from the Aeros (my amp has better headroom than the Aeros I guess?)

Provide a way to show the input level all the time (not just on the mixing display or for a few seconds after the volume wheel is changed).


I see this is marked as completed. Does this mean the work is done and will show up in a future release?

I see, I misunderstood the post, I thought you meant from stopped. I highly doubt we will make the input always seeable even during playback, it is just too much detraction from an already small screen. We know input management is something important, but this will not likely be part of that updating.

I apologize for originally misunderstanding the request.

In that case would you mind removing the completed tag. It’s not complete. You might want to add a won’t fix tag (not that I agree this is the right call on this one).

Knowing your input level is important as the device can clip or cause something downstream to clip. I change somwrhing to solo and now my level is way off.

This display could be much smaller than the current, stopped version of the display. Just a few pixels wide would do. Or just a very small indicator that your live signal is red, yellow, green.

Appreciate this going to the dev team for evaluation in some way. Can you separate the need to address this from a particular implementation or challenges (like screen space). There are many ways to skin a cat.

I already have changed the tag


This was implemented in 4.3.1 which is now in beta!!

4.3.1 is showing around 3 sec when you play
very useful , love it

Is the input level always displayed … or only displayed when clipping … in the red or yellow zone?

For me personally, it worth it to always display the level (clipping or not).

Always showing

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You see it when you play :wink:
On the right side !


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This is great. Thank you!

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