Introducing Fab- new Beatbuddy user

Hi there,

I’m Fab, new owner of a Beatbuddy Normal.
Just willing to introduce myself, before starting chating everywhere on forum.
I didn’t find any specific topic dedicated to this. In case I’m wrong, sorry about that, and would you mind switching the category of this topic.
So I’m a kind of young guitar player ( 3 years and half of practicing ) but kind of old ( 38 years ).
I’m coming from France, and just bought the Beat Buddy, to get more rythmic structure in my playing.

I’m playing mostly rock music ( from RHCP to Led Zep ).
Thks for your welcoming.


Welcome. Kick off your shoes and browse the forum for a while. Lots of interesting stuff. When you have questions, this forum is a great resource and the Search function can help you dig deeper for answers. When you can’t find the answers, please open a thread and ask—the more detail to your question, the more likely you’ll get a solid answer.

Link (in blue font) to new user resources

Thanks a lot persist. And sorry again for the wrong location of this thread.

Never an issue—you were close enough for government work :rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl:
Definitely same story everywhere in the world. Let’s hope not the same with “RED” Button :sweat_smile:

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