iOS/Android Midi Maestro apps, some bugs, some ideas, some reproaches

@BrennanSingularSound and @DavidPackouz , Thanks for the effort to improve MM. I been using android MM app for 1 month, and the alpha version of IOS MM app for several hours and I have found some bugs that make iOS version hard to use and some ideas for improvement for both apps.

  1. The worst part: iOS app does not import Custom Modes from the online repository (also neither Android or iOS import the custom mode configuration from the device). So, if you had started to config MM with another tablet (android in my case) you will need to replicate all the configuration again. For both apps (iOS + Android). Also, to facilitate editing, it would be useful to add a duplicate button (beside delete and publish online buttons) so that commands could be duplicated. Labels for online programs and custom modes are truncated in iOS

  2. Another big problem is that in IOS, when you add a function to a button you can not config if it is sent on press or on release or even select if it is sent by BT/Midi, like in android app.
    With android app, I have successfully found a way to emulate a momentary switch for controlling a software looper and have hold and double tap actions, sending a “note on” on press and a “note off” on release, but there is no way to do that in IOS app. BTW, there will be the possibility to config momentary/latch for buttons in a future firmware?

  3. Interestingly, one thing you can do in IOS app but it is imposible in android, is to customize a function. This is very useful because you can define a generic command and when you add it to a button you can customize midi channel and other parameters. Please add this to both apps!

  4. There are some problems in iPhone with small screens (iPhone 6s). Also in iPad, in landscape mode, In the config button window, when editing labels, you can not see what you write because floating keyboard hides most of the content. There are also problems with some interface elements that do not have visual feedback (for example all the pop up menus)

  5. I wonder if it will ever be possible to edit the other custom modes (BB and Aeros). For example, I don’t use Aeros and I would like to have another custom config easily available in that memory space. As indicated on the product page we bought a device with “10 active pages per preset” and “3 presets that can be switched quickly using a small “mode” button on the back, no app needed.”, But in fact there is only one preset by now. Even, in my case, that cannot use channel 1 for BB so that custom mode is not usable. Please allow us to config the other custom modes (edit, delete, etc.)

We have been waiting a lot of time to use MM but several important advertised features are missing, perhaps the most important, the simplicity to use it. As you said: “It’s the first MIDI Pedal controller that lets musicians skip on reading lengthy MIDI manuals”. In my case, one month of intensive use of MM, and I have read more midi manuals than ever. I miss the moment to “just jump right into playing”…



I must remind you if you have the iOS app at this point it is because you opted in to the closed alpha. I must ask you to keep the iOS app comments to the thread dedicated to it and bear in mind that is not yet the prime time version.

We are aware that the iOS app’s functionality is lagging with relation to the Android app – part of it is because the iOS app is still in the Alpha stage. Even the first release of the app won’t have everything the Android App has.

Nevertheless, both apps are going to have the same features. We’re working towards convergence.

On the presets – there’s a misunderstanding: There are two default presets, and one customizable preset. This we may be able to change in the future, depending on many things. I will take that suggestion – as well as the rest of your post – into account while we keep working.

Thank you for the time you’ve devoted to trying the apps, using the devices, and writing this post.

Between our technology and our community, we are well placed to have the best MIDI Controller the world has ever seen. Thank you for being a part of our success.


Thanks to @BrennanSingularSound and @DavidPackouz for the MIDI Maestro. I came across it the other day, when looking through MIDI controllers. My interest is in using it as a foot controller for hardware synths. Playing through the Android App today, a few vital things are missing that would open-up the product to be more useful to synth users, which could be a big market for the product.

I’m posting the suggestions here, so that they could be considered for implementation in CUSTOM MODE.

  • Ability to transmit System Real-Time commands ‘Start’ (FA), ‘Continue’ (FB) and ‘Stop’ (FC) - to control external sequencer / backing device.
  • Ability to transmit System Common command ‘Song Select’ (F3) - to load-up a particular song on an external sequencer / backing device.
  • Ability to send MIDI CC#00 (Bank Change MSB) and MIDI CC#32 (Bank Change LSB) in the same data string as MIDI Program Change (Cn).
  • Ability to merge MIDI IN data with MM-created data, and send everything to MIDI OUT.
  • Ability to channelize data coming in on MIDI IN to another channel when sent to MIDI OUT (e.g. notes/controllers coming in on MIDI Ch01 get changed to MIDI Ch04 on MIDI OUT).
  • Ability to transmit a System Exclusive string (programmable as HEX - of course, musicians need to know what they are writing in between F0 and F7)
  • Ability to set foot switches in three modes: (i) toggle (on & off), (ii) momentary (on-then-off) and (iii) momentary (on only).

With this additional functionality, the MIDI Maestro would compete as a highly specified and capable MIDI footswitch for synth / electronic musicians. Hope it could be implemented! Many thanks…

Hi there, I very much appreciate the positive feedback and the input, but please abide by our forum rules. Keep this and all reports concise and create separate topics/threads for separate issues, there are no batch requests/ reports allowed (as per forum rules).

Please do make separate issues for each of the feature requests you want (make them in this category), this helps us track specific issues with more ease. It seems most of your bullet points on your second post could be regarded as each their own topic. This may seem tedious, but by reporting bugs and feature requests in batches it becomes harder for us to follow up on solutions to specific issues, track them, and thus makes it harder for everyone on here to know what we’re working on.

@EMILIANO_DIEZ_VILLOR I think this post needs to be moved over to feedback, and you can create bug reports as need be and at your leisure. In the end, we have seen your post and we will work accordingly, but the bug reports are a way for you to track your own reported bugs, in a way. It helps both the customer and company to have concise posting in this regard.

Thank you both, and be well!

P.s. @doctorpegs this is all David’s baby, I can’t take credit

Thanks for the feedback and advice, and sorry for the batch requests. Have divided out into new posts under feature requests. Best wishes.

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Appreciate that, thank you!

should be fixed in 1.4.1

Done in 1.4.1

Done in 1.4.1


The template feature is now working in iOS :slight_smile: you can simply create a template and then edit it as you wish.

Update when you have a chance and let us know!

Thank you for addressing all the issues. Hope I will test it soon

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