iOS app - can't enter the midi channel

came back to my Maestro recently after 6 months away to see if it was finally useable in the iOS environment - made the effort to read the manual but to no avail. When I try to enter a midi channel for a particular command to be sent on, once the auto-fill 1-16 is removed, the info field remains blacked out despite trying to enter a number.

I thought it might be a bug and the number was actaully there - but no - when you try to save it gives the error message to fill all fields before proceedings. Does this on both my Ipad and phone app, and both are up to date.

Can anybody tell me if Im missing something here??

Love the beatbuddy, love the Aeros, but Im just about done with the Maestro.

Have you updated the app and device firmware?

It appears that the Channel number field displays the text in black. For example, when I fill in the field, I can see the cursor change position as I enter channel numbers. Make sure you’ve selected a Type from the dropdown menu.

I’ve noticed this too and pointed it out to Brennan a month or so ago. Hopefully that is fixed in the next update.