iOS App missing features of the android app

in the configuration list of the IOS app there are no buttons to delete a configuration. And other than said in the manual there appears no window to chose a template, when creating a new custom mode.
This two should be added soon please. When to figure on a new IOS app version?


The iOS app is in a very poor state at this point and misses a lot of functionality. I bought two MM pedals just for the custom modes but I’m not convinced they will actually deliver on the promised functionality any time soon.

My thoughts and findings about custom mode and the iOS app after some hours of struggle are:

  • no configuration for expression inputs
  • no configuration for external FS inputs
  • no BLE MIDI functionality other than communication between pedal and configuration app, MIDI communication only works over DIN sockets in custom mode(!)
  • no way to send Note-Offs when releasing switches(!) According to the manual this should be possible and it is very necessary for my use case
  • no indication of the state (such as On/Off) of a switch when using toggle mode

The UI looks terrible on iPhone and even worse on iPad, which would be tolerable if it actually worked as advertised, which it doesn’t.
Sorry guys but this is clearly still a very long way from a finished product.
I think there needs to be a clear communication about what actually works and what doesn’t and which functionality is being worked on and when to expect updates to address all the problems and oversights of the current app version.


Crickets…Any word on when you will have a working iOS app. I thought it was complete (as advertised) when I bought the MM. I don’t have an old android so I’m stuck with a brick at this point.


Disappointed so far!

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Same here. Need Toggle, Expression Pedal support, and ideally Midi channel support on IOS or at least a way to program on the device itself. I don’t have Android.

This is unfortunate as Custom Mode needs these capabilities.


I’ve had no success with custom mode, even using the default BB to start with. When you move the commands around to the switch you want they stop working or do something completely different.

Hmmm, very quiet here. Any updates about iOS developments?

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I was just about to purchase MM from Sweetwater when I decided to check out the forum. I’m not trying to do anything complicated, I just want to change the standard BB page(s) and make to put the controls I would use most on the lower level. I’d like to have intro/start, a pause/resume and outro/exit as the 4 lower pedals. I installed the MM app and see a lot of custom modes and commands but it would be nice to know what they did before I download them. I’m not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from the comments here that this expensive product is well supported.

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This has been fixed, now iOS has all features that Android has minus click and hold to drag and drop. We have also fixed the coveted create from template feature.

v1.4.1 is live on the app store


it has now been over a year since I bought the MM. Before that, there were several postponements of the sales launch. Taking those into account, I’ve been waiting far more than a year for what was promised from the start: a midi controller that is easy to program via an IOS app to send a few commands directly to the BB.
Now I stumbled by chance on a device that does just that and costs only a third of the MM: Hotone Ampero Control. MM may be good to control BB and Aeros at the same time. If you only want to control the BB, the Ampero + footpedal is probably enough.

I’ve picked up an Ampero Hotone Control, initial impression is very good. 4 buttons, Metallic, small(ish) and has a template for BB so you can easily see what cc message is required. Only opened it and plugged it in via midi cable, simple and although early days, lots of potential as sends via Midi, usb or Bluetooth. An app lets you set the many options for the switches. £100 gbp.

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The iOS app still does not have the delete options (garbage cans) for removing Commands or Custom Modes like the Android app. Only way I can clean house, is to delete the app and reinstall. I got tired of losing my work. But what’s the point in downloading other Modes and Commands to check them out if I can’t get rid of them.

I keep checking it to see if it is fixed, but each time I’m disappointed. It’s 8/5/2022. Since I have 6 iOS devices, buying another phone or tablet is not an option. The app does not fully function on any of my iOS devices (3 phones and 3 iPads)

If the app worked, I might buy 2 more Maestros so I could use them for other devices on my board. Too nice of a controller to not be able to use it on multiple devices in your looping rig. Have you tried building a PC app? As a developer, I can’t any reason why it wouldn’t be much of an effort on that platform.

Better late than never:

The two apps now have much more in common than not, and work very well!