iPad, Setlist Maker, VL3, MIDI and being old

Here we go :slight_smile: I have been enjoying BeatBuddy with the infinity looper. I’ve had no sync issues, life has been good. Then I started reading the forums here and had a brilliant idea, I should buy a Voicelive 3 extreme (VL3), and hook my iPad up to the BeatBuddy!!!
So far so good. I tried the first step, hooking BeatBuddy to VL3 and running looper. No issues, the two sync perfect. Next step - I acquired a lightning to usb camera kit, a Roland UM-ONE USB MIDI interface, and a powered USB hub. Now the exciting thing happens - Chaos :slight_smile:
The Roland unit has send and receive lights for data. I can manage to manually send a midi event and I see the data light blink on the Roland. If I hook up the send cable from the BeatBuddy through the Roland to SetList maker, I can see the data light stays on constantly on the Roland as well.
The Issue - Ok there are probably a couple of issues. The first issue is I know nothing about MIDI. In reading through the forums I find the following code:
B0 00 00
B0 20 01
CC 01
From reading the forums I write the above noted code into the RAW Data box hoping I would get the beats for folder #2 and song # 1 from the BeatBuddy. I followed the forums enough to get the midi information into each of my songs, and from the MIDI presets menu or the song menu I can physically press the midi icon and see an event happen on the Roland MIDI interface.In the MIDI presets menu I can view that MIDI output events have taken place when I have scrolled through songs or manually pressed the MIDI icon. Pressing MIDI learn on a test patch has not had any results (No information is passed along to the BeatBuddy).
The BB does not change presets when I send this message (again I can see the data packet is making it at least as far as the Roland MIDI interface). I have gone into the BB settings and enabled MIDI.

Long winded, but here is the point of the exercise. I am trying to have Setlist Maker choose which BeatBuddy presets and which tempo is used for each song in my setlist. Further, once I have Setlist Maker and the BeatBuddy talking, I would like the tempo passed over to the VoiceLive 3 (so that I can loop in time with BeatBuddy). I think the problem I am having between SetList Maker and BeatBuddy is due to the RAW Data I am entering.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. As a community you folks have been awesome at guiding me through this technology, and for that I thank you.


I’m interested in this thread, as you are doing what I’ve wanted to for about 6 mnths…
watching this forum for your successful set-up. good luck!

Thanks for the reply rknrne, hopefully these folks can help guide us both through. I really do think the issue may be the RAW Data
B0 00 00
B0 20 01
CC 01

I too use SLM with the BB and / or VL3. I have updated the BB firmware to 1.77 but haven’t tested it yet. In my tests using SLM and Vl3 I found that typically when trying to record a midi command in SLM from VL3 it would return a series of commands such as the ones use include here:
B0 00 00
B0 20 01
However I found that to get the midi preset to work going the other way with the VL3 I needed only one command and by experimenting with removing all but one I could get it to work. The great thing about SLM is that you can edit the midi preset and test it immediately without adding it to a song etc.I suggest trying to send the BB the command B0 20 01 only to see if this changes the preset on the BB. Also make sure the BB is set to receive midi on the same channel as SLM is sending. Another thing: I found that to start and stop the BB from SLM you start and stop the midi clock on SLM - that works even in the previous BB firmware. I will run tests later and post any updates I find.
Cheers, Tom

Thanks for the reply Tom. I didn’t have time last night to do any testing, but I will try your suggestions tonight.


I didn’t have any luck plugging in a few values. I’ll keep trying

Thanks again

Rory, I’m sharing a facebook post from this morning. The setup you are using I am using as well and have it working flawlessly. The midi code in your setlist maker RAW data section is more than is necessary. Higher up the page you can see three midi blocks. There are two sets of these. Label one BeatBuddy and the other Voicelive 3. MSB LSB and PROGRAM. Use LSB for the BeatBuddy folder and Program for the song. I did what you did but found this works as well. I placed all the BeatBuddy songs I use in a single folder in Manager labeled Common and placed it first in the song folder list. This makes LSB always 00, and you must put in the 00. Then, add the song number in the PROGRAM block. Leave RAW data section blank. I use the Setlist maker beat clock by adding the tempo in the song data then tap metronome to send the beat clock data F8. The midi out on BeatBuddy connects to VL3 and syncs the tempo there but each time you will need to go into looper utilities and turn on the metronome in VL3, then set it to mute.

BeatBuddy controls the VL3 tempo so that the looper is in sync with the drums. Select “Quantize” in VL3 and avoid short loops. Give it at least two measures for Quantize to work.

I will debut a new setup tonight streaming online busking. I will have an Ipad that displays lyrics, transmits a beat clock synchronizing the tempo of a BeatBuddy drum machine and the VL3 looper. The Ipad app also sends another midi signal to control the BeatBuddy song select and VL3 preset. Taking about 3 seconds between songs all devices are in sync ready to play. The only interaction with equipment is the screen of the Ipad between songs and foot switches during the song. It’s taken some time to learn all of the controls and settings, also learning to use Midi but I’m ready to try it out. Tonight at 8PM EST, -5 UTC. Streetjelly.com/GrandpaJim

Also, if you are on facebook there is a group for TC Helicon voicelive 3 users that is a wealth of information and very active. Here’s the link.

Thank you so much James :slight_smile: I will go slowly through your post when I get home and test. Good luck with your test tonight :slight_smile:

do you have any vids, or pics of your setup?

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I use two kinds of setups. One, shown below, is for online busking. For live audiences the floor pic is the same. On a table next to me is a Voicelive 3 unit and one of two Behringer mixers. I use a two channel USB mixer for online work and a four channel for live work. When I play online I use a PC for whichever streaming website I have scheduled and my wife’s Ipad for Periscope.

The page you see on the right Ipad is Setlist Makers Perform window. Arlo calls it a show page now. The setlist is of course the left column, the bottom is my preferred icons. These layouts are fully customizable. I use page turner, lyrics scroll, midi send, and metronome. More buttons can be added. This is the view at the end of the song/beginning of next song. If it’s the beginning I tap midi send to change BeatBuddy’s song then metronome to set the tempo. Then double tap the lyrics to go full screen lyrics only. I can set the font and size so that all lyrics appear on one page for most songs. At the end of the song I double tap to get this window back and turn the page. My only interaction with equipment between songs is the Ipad screen. Nothing else and the transition takes about three seconds. I don’t lose focus on the audience and I don’t have to bend down and turn any knobs. I did a show yesterday where I demonstrated this and answered questions between songs during the performance for a facebook group I’m a member of.This video will be live until about 3PM EST today. Periscope only saves them for 24 hours. https://www.periscope.tv/technician57/1RDGlbYqmkkxL

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Thanks Guys i have the same gear and was wondering if bb could be managed the same as Vl3. I bought the beatbuddy 2 months ago and just sold a ditto x4 and bought a used VL3 . Downloaded SLM on my iphone6 now waiting on a UD-bt01 yamaha bluetooth midi adaptor to get the iphone and VL3 together. But looks like i will need to pick up more gear to to get bb in the loop.

I use the switch 6 to control the VL3. I thought the VL3 a little pricey to set on the floor. BeatBuddy offers a dual footswitch that is mappable but I already had the Boss switches and they work fine. The BB and VL3 are both midi slaves to the SLM master so you’ll need cabling to facilitate that. I use the BB breakout cable OUT to the VL3 IN and the BB IN connects to the SLM OUT. BB allows MERGE, OUT, and THRU making it a great middle man. I’m new to the SLM so recently discovered all the tapping between songs isn’t necessary. Go to SLM SETTINGS, AUTOMATION, and in the song selection category enable START TEMPO, and SEND MIDI. These settings eliminate some tapping and all you have to do is select the song in SLM and everything falls into place.

Hey Jim, thank you ! This is so very cool all this gear can be controled bu SLM. What are you using as a hub/ router ? I just ordered a bluetooth UD-BT01. But maybe i will send back and get what you at using.

BeatBuddy sent me the latest beta firmware yesterday. When I got home I updated the BeatBuddy, and had instant success. I now have 3 sets on SetList Maker where I can change songs with a BlueTooth Airturn pedal and have all the presets on both the BeatBuddy and the VoiceLive 3 change.
I am very excited to stop tap dancing and start playing. Thank you all that helped along the way. When time permits I’ll post a link to some video.


I finally made the video. It’s posted in the video thread but I also thought it’s appropriate here.

I have made a video of how I set up Setlist Maker, BeatBuddy, and Voicelive 3 in a way that uses midi for song selection and beat clock sync. This all happens with one swipe across the face of an Ipad. I needed to be able to sync the drum sounds with the VL3 looper. I got that and more. You will need firmware version 1.77 or greater. The how to and connections are shown in the video.

So a quick update and a couple of questions. BeatBuddy and VL3 are now working harmoniously together. One tap of my air turn pedal and BB syncs the tempo and presets for itself and the VL3. There is no more than a three second lag, then both are synced.
When I hit the air turn pedal to change songs, BeatBuddy plays one beat. Not sure how I inherited this strange behavior. If anyone knows please let me know.

You can use Setlist makers midi icon at the top of the page for a list of messages sent. I also set mine for a 2/10 seconds gap between messages to add clarity. Look for FA being sent to indicate song start. If it’s Setlist Makers fault you can edit song selection commands in the settings/automation list.

These are actions I would take but remember I only guess at things till I stumble across the answer.

James can you describe what you do to then send commands to VL3 to get it to change banks. Also, in BB do you set to midi merge?