I’m I the only one who does Irish music?

Not really…i make bodhrans 9 to 5 :wink:
If I had more time and patience I’d make a bodhran beatbuddy kit

Got a website im thinking about buying one?

Yeah all made in Galway Ireland

im thinking about 1… I do a lot of Irish stuff… im currently using sr16 and use 39 a lot for the fast stuff on that and got a waltz programmed by some one but is their anything on BB to cove that style

Yes theres a lot

is their a waltz (old time waltz) on this?

I play a lot of Clancy Brothers and sing a long Irish songs. Irish Rover, Ratlin Bog, Wild Mountain Thyme, etc

I have found some … but still looking for a rhythm for the gambler and lets say songs like the lone star state of mind and speed and the sound of lonelily and the kind of stuff used to use 32— 34 on sr 16 but when I try to find it on bb the fills and intro is way to fast … anyone help?

The above is a link to all the Aleisis Sr-16 beats its $49.99 you get all the beats for Beatbuddy