Is there a step by step tutorial for writing bass lines and creating OPB songs for Beat Buddy?

Hello To All!

I’ve been using Beat Buddy at my gigs since I got over a year ago, mostly for playing covers but some originals as well. I have used and really enjoy the song files shared here at the forum but wish to add bass lines to my originals. I have a Mixcraft virtual studio which allows me to create midi files and have come up with some good bass lines for my tunes but can’t figure out how to transfer them to the Beat Buddy or exactly where to place them in the midi editor in Beat Buddy. Is ther a step by step tutorial on how to do this somewhere that I can download/watch?

Many folks find the built in midi editor to be too cumbersome to use to create a “with bass” song. I suggest you use a more full featured DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). There are many choices. Your Mixcraft should work fine.

I wrote this tutorial mostly as reminder to myself for those times when I might step away for a few months. You might find the useful. This difference here is that you would be creating your own tunes, but you are still going to be working from a midi file that you created. My tutorial was for Logic Pro X on a Mac. Your commands in Mixcraft will likely have some other names, but the principles are the same.Creating a Beat Buddy file from a (40.0 KB)

I had to zip the file since we cant upload a pdf. (another reason to love this new forum)


Thanks very much Phil!

Once again you’ve shown yourself to be the Beat Buddy Master Guru!