Is this worth it?

New user running mac OS. I’m able to use BB with the standard stuff that comes on the SD card but I purchased some premium content and I can’t get it loaded on the SD card. My question for the forum is this: I’m not a professional musician and only want to use the BB for practice and playing my favorite songs. Looking over this forum I can see that Singular Sound’s support is pretty much non-existent. I can still repackage this puppy and send it back which is probably what I should do. I have contacted SS support such as it is but haven’t received any replies and I paid too much money for this thing for it to not work. Should I just return it and end my business with Singular sound or is this thing worth the frustration and poor support?

Can you describe your workflow? What app are you using? BBManager or BBLoader?

If you are using BBManager, make sure you are choosing to “Export->Project to SD Card” as the synchronize functionality doesn’t work.

You may also want to consider using BBLoader instead to load the songs.

Andrew’s BBFF Editor. It’s $20/year but it’s totally worth it if you decide to keep the pedal.

I’m using BB manager as was instructed in the readme that came along with the song files. I’m supposed to load the songs into BB manager and then sync with the SD card I guess. Problem is when I try to import the *.pbf file as instructed, nothing gets loaded.

If you’ve got the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) up and running, it should be easy to import any premium content you’ve bought.

Unzip the file(s) to your desktop
Read the installation instruction file that’s part of the file
Depending on whether you bought an artist package of songs or single songs, you’ll use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Import - either Song or Folder and navigate to the content on your desktop (a folder of songs has an extension of .pbf and a single song is .sng).

If you have not read the user quick start guides, you may want to download and read them.

Support is probably swamped and right now but they will respond.

I’ve been using the BeatBuddy (BB) since 2015 and I like it. This forum has been a useful tool for users to find answers to any questions. Hopefully it will for you too.

Also, check your email junk and spam folders as sometimes Support’s reply will end up there

I’ve tried just exactly what you are describing…mutliple times. (see my previous post). Then I tried using BB Loader but it won’t even open, and yes, I’ve tried giving it full disc access. Getting really frustrated and wasting a lot of valuable time. I am not a computer scientist but I’m also not clueless where tech is concerned. Amazing to me how something so popular and expensive could survive this long with such poor software and support.

I DM’d you. Please check Your forum inbox.

I can appreciate your frustrations. I had the same issue with both of my Macs with the native software. Having to run a script in Terminal mode and download a Java Runtime Engine to get the BB Loader app to work is just plain silly. I don’t know if I will ever gig with the pedal as I rarely play out live as it is. I bought the pedal because most other pedals just sounded bad when it came to drums. The 3rd party cloud app works well. $20 was well worth it. I have not taken advantage of the advanced features yet. I have only loaded new tracks using the cloud app and renamed a few things.

In summary if you like the pedal for what it is but hate the software I would spend another $20 and use the cloud based app.

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Thanks for all the responses. I got with Chip from support who remoted into my Mac and got things fixed up for me so I’m off and jamming. It’s a shame that the software is so buggy but I applaud Chip and the support team for getting me going and thanks to the others who offered to help. Can’t wait to dive into some beats.