The “missing” editor for the BeatBuddy—finally available

I want to start by saying a huge thank you to Singular Sound for making the BeatBuddy. I absolutely love the pedal and the versatility it provides for making music on your own. Unfortunately, we have been stuck without an easy-to-use manager/song editor for a while now, so I have done something about that.

Introducing BBFF Editor, a complete solution for building and managing songs on your BeatBuddy. I have included a full MIDI editor with all the features we’ve all been asking for for so long. It supports everything BBM does and more.

You can find more information, as well as a walkthrough video, at
I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know what features you’d still like to see.

Here’s a preview:


Oh boy, can’t believe this. I removed my BB from my pedalboard and was about to put it for sale. Gonna mount it again and give it one more try. I’m a Mac user and I was totally hopeless. This seems promissing. Runs on browser! Friendly interface! And, at least for me, not expensive! I’m eager to arrive home from work and start the trial!

Thanks Bob for the kind words. I really hope it helps you get your pedal drumming again :wink:

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Subscribed, but I get into an endless loop taking me back to the subscribe page…or an “Internal Server Error”

Can you make a video demonstrating how the editor works with OPB? because I don’t use beats, only OPB.

guilherme, it works just like normal tracks. If the track is very long then it will be a bit slower than shorter beats but I will be working on improving performance in that area as soon as I can.

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Thanks for the help @andrew13 … back in now and testing . The MIDI editor is awesome…so happy!


my question is: I use repear to build my opb. Can you replace the reaper with this one??

I haven’t used Reaper but I have built in a fairly full featured MIDI editor so I don’t see why not.
I don’t personally use OPB songs but I’d be happy to work with you to make it work wherever it doesn’t. You can email me directly at

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I haven’t tried the BBFF Editor yet, but I’m looking forward to it and am glad we now have this option. Until now, I have been creating/editing MIDI files in Logic Pro, which has worked but is often frustrating due to what I think are mapping issues. Often, all I want to do is change velocity or make other tweaks to existing beats that came with the BeatBuddy or are otherwise available. The mapping in Logic Pro and BeatBuddy don’t seem to correspond, resulting in a great deal of trial and error and sometimes not being able to get the desired beat. Is the BBFF Editor mapped so that whatever it plays on the computer will also play on the BeatBuddy?

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Yes, it is mapped to the drum kit selected and will play what you’ll hear on the BeatBuddy


Initial thoughts: Seems cool. I’ll probably spend the $20 for a year and see how much I use it.
A couple things:

  • Does get bogged down on large OPB. Probably not avoidable in a web app.
  • Seems to not honor the choke group for bass notes (get the notes ringing out)
  • I wish there was a way to “play the whole song” like you can in BBManager. I often do that as a final test of all the parts working together.
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can we say that it is a midi editor but is it possible to edit and hear the sounds that I would have in beatbuddy with my kits? . In other words, I edit and listen to the editions with the sounds of my kits at the same time, if so it will be very good.

The question asked above is very important. Does it work well for entire midi opb songs?? Is it possible to extend or shorten keyboard notes or bass notes??

Hi Jason, Yes, it does get a bit bogged down on larger tracks. I don’t use OPB kits so I haven’t done a lot of work on that. I already have some ideas on how to improve the performance of the track editor. In development it’s usually a good idea to choose the simplest path to a solution and then optimise only when its needed—clearly a better solution is now needed -)

It does support choke groups. But it is better to use note off, which it also supports. You can drag the length of a note longer and shorter and non-percussion notes will only play for the duration of the note. If its not working, please email me with both the song and drum kit you’re using with a pointer to the area you’re battling with and I’ll try figure out why it’s not working.

I did think of that and I decided to leave it out and get the software launched. I’ll work on including that because I agree that it’s a nice feature.

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Guilherme, it’s more than just a MIDI editor, it’s a complete BeatBuddy Manager but I chose editor (BBFF Manager & BB Manager are a little too close) and I wanted to focus on the fact that editing songs (and soon, drum kits) is a huge part of what the app does.

You can already listen to your tracks with the sounds of your drum kits.

Yes, it does allow extending or shortening notes. (You can see me doing it briefly here


Is there a quantize??

No, not yet. Editing does snap to the quantise grid by default. But it does not quantise the entire track

How did you get by internal server error?

Sorry @oisteing , there was an error that should now be fixed. Please try again.

All good now :slight_smile:

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