The “missing” editor for the BeatBuddy—finally available

@andrew13 Wow, man. I am yet to test it personally, but from what I can see, it is a great product. I take my hat off to you for taking the initiative and the time to make this happen. Bravo :clap:
From your video, I can tell that you accomplished a lot of things very practically. I look forward to trying it out soon.


How to import all my drum kits to this editor??Or do I just import my project and all the kits will come??

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Awesome! Does it make editing 3/4 , 6/8 etc easier?

Thanks Goran, I appreciate your encouragement

Guilherme, you open your entire project just as you would with BBM and it will work with all your songs and drum kits.

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Twessel, yes it does!

Hats off to @andrew13 … really loving the BBFF Editor, does everything I need it to do!

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So I successfully used BBFFE for a real edit, and it made it significantly faster, at least for this specific type of edit!

Recently Forum Guru persist posted a OPB of Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. It was perfect for my needs EXCEPT that the count in was on a cross stick/snare rim shot. For that song (and most songs) I like to use a foot or closed hat instead.

Previously I would have exported the .mid from BBM and into Garage Band and then edited the items, exported, and re-imported into BBM. However this is challenging and time consuming because the BBM export often leads to corruption of the note lengths which causes dissonant note ringing on bass notes, which have to be manually fixed. And opening up large song parts in the BBM editor is a crapshoot and can result in midi items moving around and also the above note length issue.

However, with BBFFE I was able to quickly move the count in to a closed hat instead, saved the file and it was done! What would have taken 45 minutes easy before took maybe 3 minutes.

So if you have a long DOP/OPB/whatever and you just need to make a few tweaks (lower velocities, change intro, cut a “fade out ending”, fix a bad bass note, whatever)…this tool makes that change really easy.

So a couple things:

  • I was having trouble getting the bottom slider (horizontal scrolling) to show up. Sometimes I could get it, but a lot of times it didn’t show up when I started scrolling. The Up/Down scroll always worked as expected.
  • I’d really like the ability to export the actual midis (without the corruption that the BBM can give you on long midi files with bass). This would make it so much easier if all I needed to do was add an extra progression to a DOP for setting up a loop, or if I want to break up a One Press into multiple parts to allow jamming and more control over the song live.

Anyway, it’s worth the $20 for me just to be able to make minor tweaks to a OP more easily, but with a few tweaks you could really have something great here!


Hey, nice job!

Does the creation of drum sets/importing wav samples work about the same as BBM? Is there a requirement for the specific encoding/sample rate of wav files?

Jason, thanks for the feedback.

Horizontal scrolling is a bit of a challenge because of the need to scroll the midi notes horizontally while allowing instruments to stay on the left, and to have the notes scroll behind the instrument list.
Anyway, I’ll see what I can do. If you scroll to the bottom, the horizontal scrollbar will appear. You can also use gestures if those are available (often are on a trackpad)

Exporting and importing MIDI files is on the todo list. For now, you can drag to select, and copy and paste groups of MIDI notes as well as lengthen shorten tracks—not perfect but might get you most of the way there until MIDI import/export.


Drumset creation is not done yet (but I am working on it)
It will not work the same as BBM, it will be easier :wink:
It will have the same requirements for encoding/sample rates because those are requirements of the pedal.
I’ll see if I can adjust added WAVs to the correct requirements, though it is usually better to start with the correct sample rate for best results.

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Sweet, looking forward to it! My main concern was getting around this issue. It would be cool to have it make the appropriate conversions on import though as well.

If this meets expectations, it would be cost effective for Singular Sound to buy/license this.

I can’t even guess how much they’ve spent ofnvarious attempts to improve/open source/replace BBM.


I usually download midi songs on the internet, work in reaper, save and import into BBm. Will I be able to do this in this editor without using Reaaer??

Thanks for pointing out that issue. I’ll keep that in mind as I work.

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When I have MIDI import complete, yes, because the editor already has a full featured MIDI editor.

I sent you 3 songs that show unknown when I pull them into Editor that work in BBM. Also how do we play the full song? BBM uses the foot pedal

Thanks, I got those.
Foot pedal? Are you talking about the virtual pedal at the top left of BBM? I haven’t implemented a way to play through a song with transitions and fills yet.

Yes. Virtual foot pedal. Thanks for the hard work. I’m gonna keep it after the trial. I hope you do well with this effort. SS can’t find their a$$ with both hands

So just to confirm before I buy, everything I can do in reaper to edit can I do it in this editor??