Issues with BBM for Mac users

I am a Mac user, and I have been using the BeatBuddy for 5 years. I am aware of the “Synchronize Project” bug for Mac users (How in the world has this issue NOT been resolved by now? It’s been a problem for many years.), and I am also aware of the bug that hides your entire library if you use a period in file & folder names. Because I use the BeatBuddy every week as “my only drummer option” for worship at my church, I cannot afford to have my BBM not work properly.

So… with the known bug(s) for Mac users, I have resisted upgrading my Mac OS. I am still using Mohave (2018) because when Catalina came out in 2019, I read that there was some ‘new thing’ (forgive my lack of knowledge/understanding of the correct terminology) in Catalina that required all kinds of app and software developers to re-design their programs or else they weren’t going to work on Macs anymore. This scared me into believing BBM would most likely be one of the programs that wouldn’t work.

I would like to upgrade my Mac, but I am so dependent on BBM working properly, that I am willing to keep using Mohave until it is ancient, if that’s what it takes. Can anyone offer me ABSOLUTE assurance that BBM works with Catalina? And now with Big Sur, I’m actually two updates behind.

I’ve tested it with Catalina and the BBM works; I’ve also done preliminary testing with the beta releases of Big Sur but haven’t had time to test with the official release.

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Hi there, Im a Mac user and just dowloaded my first songs but cannot open BB Manager as I get the message Apple cannot verify bla bla bla, I have Big Sur installed… how can I get this working ?

Try right-click -> Open to open the app, instead of double-click.

Thanks for your tip, but it doesn’t work.

Use the trackpad while highlighting the BBM and press hold-click; it should bring up a contextual menu and then select Open.

Control-click while highlighting the app should do the same thing.

If this still bla-bla-bla :woozy_face: doesn’t work, please take a screen shot of the error message displayed on your screen and attach it in reply. It could be an issue with the Gatekeeper function of Big Sur.

I had to buy an new Mac because the old one was way out date. When I got around to firing up beat buddy I got the error message mentioned above.
The suggestion to right click and choose open actually worked. But now I have an empty project in BB manager. All my stuff is on the sd card in the pedal, but synchronise project is greyed out. Any ideas anyone?

Go to the bottom of this page and click on the Downloads tab to start digging into some decent reference sources :face_with_monocle:

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Use the Security and Privacy control panel and then General tab > Allow apps…

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