James Taylor, Jackson Browne, CSN, Dan Fogelberg

Some of my favourites
Wish I had the skills
Thanks guy’s


It would really help to have several titles, rather than a hope that I might hit something in the extensive catalogs of these performers that might scratch your itch.

I would be grateful for any Phil
Seen a few in forum
I’d love you’ve got a friend with a simple rim crack
I’m struggling to find a simple rim crack for Anything in the beats, any suggestions would be great
Montana JT
Change, These Days Dan Folgelberg
CSN Helplessly hoping
Jackson Browne I’m alive

But anything would very appreciated
Thanks so much for your support
Ps Walk right back the Everly Brother
I’m looking for the beat in it not so much the song? Boon tip boom tip if you know what I mean
Sorry for my lack of knowledge
Thanks Phil

Try this loop for the Walk Right back verse. Let me know if this is close. That’s what I’m getting from a quick listen to the record. This should work with Standard.

Or this for the verse in You’ve Got a Friend. Full songs to follows, but these will give you a couple little loops to jam to.

You Got a Friend

Doctor My Eyes

Sweet Baby James

Teach Your Children

Helplessly Hoping


@Geoff55 - By “Change”, do you mean Better Change, from Souvenirs?

These might also work for your Boom Tip beat


Montana - JT.

Yes sorry Phil

Thanks again pal

Can’t believe it
Can’t wait to try
So grateful
You are a gent Sir

Really appreciate your help
Hope one day I’ll be able to do the same
Thanks so much


Better Change - Dan Fogelberg

Phil thanks so much
Can you explain the abbreviations please
And how and what I need to import to my pedal
Sorry to be a pain
Thanks again pal