I can’t believe no one has done this one yet!

It’s my special request too!!I need it!!

I heard a rumor that it’s the 5/8 bar that complicates this song, or something like that. I’ll bet we could do a “with Bass” version, since our time signatures end up being like 24/4 or 32/4. I’ll work on it!

I’ve checked the song out… I think it’s a straight 8, maybe even a 4/4. I might be wrong, but what bar is 5/8?

If you listen to the intro, there are 3 measures of 4/4, and a measure of 3/4… this oddness repeats itself in the chorus. It’s the quick B - A - E hit at the end. Definitely not 5/8, but it is odd. A “with Bass” version of the song would still work, however. Maybe I’ll do that one next!

It’s odd, not 5/8, maybe 5/4.

Anyway… If you do it, I’ll play it!!!

Btw, I can finally edit existing files, rearrange parts, insert new instruments into drumsets. Now I have to learn about MIDI.

Can someone repost I Love Rock & Roll (Joan Jett) please !!

I found These somewhere on the forums, but unfortunately can’t remember where, so I can’t give credit to the correct person(s)…

These are the 3 versions that I have…

I_LOVE_R&R.sng (9.1 KB)

I_Love_Rock_and_Roll.sng (4.4 KB)

I_Love_Rock_n_Roll_with_Bass_V4.sng (3.6 KB)

Hope that works for you ylib…

thank you very much !!

No problem… I hope that you find at least one version that you like… I have at least one of them on my Beatbuddy and have had a blast jamming with it…

yes ! the second one is perfect !!!

Good to hear… Hope you have some fun with it… :grinning: