Just bought the Maestro

$550 AUD, so not cheap, but I hope it will turn out to be a good investment :slight_smile:

It could. Get the app. :slight_smile:

And welcome!

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Thanks - yes the app is a definite for sure!

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Let us know how it goes!

Yep sure will Brennan :slight_smile:

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Oh Brennan, quick question please - I am running 3.6.0 firmware, should I upgrade to 3.8 and if I do will I lose my pedal settings?

Definitely do, 3.8.0 is the MM update, otherwise it won’t work correctly! You won’t lose pedal settings, no. If that seems to happen please let us know!

Cooly, thanks :slight_smile:

umm, what is the iOS app actually called? I’ve searched App Store under Singular Sound, MIDI Maestro Beat Buddy and come up empty??

You need to get a link from @iajrz. The app you end up downloading is called Test Flight.

ahh, thanks Phil didn’t realise it was a beta…I already have Test Fight as I run betas for some other apps…I’ll send a message to iajrz to ask for the Test Flight link

There is an Android version so I’ll play around with that (I have an Android tablet I use for the XR16) until the iOS (preferred) app becomes available, either in beta or public release.

We are waiting for Apple’s feedback :slight_smile: it’s going to be public soon.