Just lost 2 days of work on bad programming

I spent 2 days making a full songlist of my active onsong repertoire in BBmanager.
100 Songs with numbering, even an empty main loop to satisfy the sick craving of this database.
I saved it to the SD-card and made even a copy to a second by the “export to sd card” feature.

This morning i come and switch on BB 50% of my songs are gone (only 50 instead of 99) in Beatbuddy.
I try to re-open the project from the backup sd: only 50 songs.
I check on the main SD in the beatbuddy: all 99 songs displayed
I put it in the BB-(non)manager and open the file to newly copy it and boom… they are gone on this SD card too…

WTF is going on ? If the reliability of this program is like this than one can forget creating anything sensible with this foot-pedal.

What is going on here? Why does the BBM overwrite project folder structures on opening? Where did my 50 songs go??? No backup functionality? No undo…

This is me screaming quitly in my head


Did you have a period / fullstop (.) character in any of your song names?

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My dear god this is absurd.
I use " * " s
Interesting enough the one song that has a “.” does show heaps afterwards
Who programs such a cr*p ? Every song number usually has a full stop.???

So you say if I remove the fullstop the other songs appear?

Worth a try

on it. but there is no limitation on the maximum number of beats per folder is it?

Nope, removed the dot (which was also not followed by an empty space) but it made no difference.
I lost 50 songs
Anger does not not even describe my current feeling about this software right now.

So if even making a backup copy does not safe you from loosing days of work, how are you guys managing? I mean I was intending to use this for a gig somewhen this year. If I progress like currently despite structural planned approach and backups I won´t use BB before 2040

You might still be able to recover the songs

If you can’t find any solutions by searching the forum I suggest contacting support

I just noticed that it might not just be period characters that can cause a problem

In some cases, the issue is caused by using special characters in the names of songs or folders e.g., Mrs. Robinson or 1. Mrs Robinson. Sometimes a project can be recovered and I’ll send you a private message to see if your other 50 songs are still recoverable. Users usually get into trouble when they try to number their songs or folders 1. 2. and 3. etc so that the songs appear in the in the order they want to play them. Users can move the songs and folders up or down in their project using BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) > Menu but if numbering songs is absolutely required, then better to use 01 02 and 03 etc.

This is a known issue and it is stated in the user guide and although this warning may not help you now, maybe it will help other users:
Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 7.48.52 AM
You can have no more than 99 songs per folder. There is no limit to the number of folders per project.