Keep Drumsets in Same Order?

I am using a Beat Buddy purely as a drum module, and I have created a large number of home made kits. I call these up using a MIDI controller via the CC 116 command (value 1 = drum kit 1, value 2 = drum kit 2, etc). This all works dandy. However, If I add some more kits or do some edits using the BBManager, and then re save to the SD card, the order of the drum kits gets changed. When that happens, I can’t used my controller to call up specific kits because the CC values no longer match. What is the solution to this problem??

The problem has to be fixed on the BBManager side; users need to be able to sort the listing within the app. I am going to experiment with hand-editing the CSV file for the drum kits to force a predictable order.

I agree that it’s an issue on the Singular Sound side. Some users have stated that they were able to manipulate the CSV file such that it saved the drum sets in their desired order but I was never successful because every time I used a drum set in a song, it seemed to move that set up to the top of the list. JMO, but it seems that the CSV file was created to sort a column when modified by date.

CAVEAT: make sure you quit the BBM before working with any files within the bbworkspace folder and then only after you have copied and are working on that file on your desktop. In the past, Singular Sound discouraged users from directly editing any BBM files.

Interesting. I’ll play around with this and if I get something to work reliably, I’ll post back. Otherwise, I may just get a set of kits I always use and not mess with them after I’ve established an order. Thanks for your help and input!