Keyboard player and new to BeatBuddy (BB)

OK - newbie here - just graduated from BeatBoy to BeatBuddy to make use of the foot controller (I am a keyboard player) and the plethora of functionality in the BeatBuddy.

1st - How am I using this for keyboards - both BeatBuddy and footswitch on the ground and bending down to switch from beat to beat within my set

2nd - do I just use a longer chord from the BeatBuddy to the footswitch to keep the BeatBuddy on my keyboard?

3rd - Do I create unique songs for my set in BeatBuddy Manager and organize them in setlist order? (many are the same drumset and same beat just different tempo - are these new songs?

4th - if 3 is what I do, how do I manage changes in setlist sequence during the gig?

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Several keyboard players on the forum and they place the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal and remote foot switch up higher so they don’t have to reach to the floor.

Yes, you use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to create and manage your songs. You can arrange them in a setlist folder.

You might benefit from reading the user quick start guide as well as some of the other references included in this link resources

One more thing to keep in mind - the BB to footswitch cable is a TRS cable, not a TS cable. Please be sure you are using a TRS cable to have proper footswitch function.

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I’m also a keyboard player.

I have my BeatBuddy on my base keyboard, and the double foot switch on the floor. I find it easier to adjust settings and try out new beats, as well as to see the visual metronome.

I use Camelot Pro (I switched from BandHelper, which I would also recommend, but less so if you have multiple sound generators) to organize my songs/scenes and choose presets on all my gear. I have a library of BeatBuddy songs that I can select within a song or scene on Camelot (along with the relevant keyboard presets).

If you’re comfortable with Midi, it’s pretty easy.

If you choose this approach, the set lists are on your iPad, Windows PC or a Mac and there’s no need to organize BB songs into set lists.


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BTW if you locate the BB on your keyboard, find a TRS-TRS cable with a right angle connector on one side.

You’ll use less space this way.

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