Latching Versus Momentary Type Foot Switch

I have the old original latching foot switch pedal and still use it. I recall that one of the later firmware updates indicated that some of the new features were only available by changing to a momentary type foot switch. Not wanting to fix something that isn’t broken, but it would be helpful to know what I may be missing out on with regard to certain newer features by sticking with the old style latching pedal. Can anyone explain the pros and cons of each type to help in making the selection decision? Thanks!

Some users expressed frustration that the latching pedals would not work properly with all of the capabilities being added to the pedal via new versions of firmware. They can probably tell you what didn’t work so well with the latching types.

  • noisier than momentary
  • may not allow you to take complete advantage of all the pedal features and updates
  • somewhat quieter than latching
  • will allow you to use all of the features provided by the latest firmware versions
    Pedal still allows you to configure for either momentary or latching.
    Contact to see if they still have the $25 trade in deal.
    Or iff you’re handy with a soldering gun, you can buy the switches and replace them yourself.
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Has anyone replaced the switches? Any suggestions on a source for the momentary switches. Need a vendor and/or a part number. TIA!

Here’s a link from someone that replaced their switches
Carling switches, although a little more expensive, are very durable

  • Carling footswitch, SPST, momentary ON-(OFF) normally closed, or
  • Carling, SPST footswitch, momentary (off-on), normally open
    Either type works as the foot switch detector function will detect and adapt.
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A big shout out to Persist for responding with links providing info on where to find Mike Tranchemontagne’s great write up and instructions on how to convert the original BB Footswitch from latching to momentary footswitches. I ordered the new momentary footswitches a week ago and installed them this afternoon. Cost me $6 + shipping and about 20 minutes time this afternoon to perform the retrofit. I tested the BB out on the old firmware this afternoon and everything worked great once I redifined the switch type under the BB menu. I hope to have time to download the new firmware this weekend and try it out.

Thanks again for the assistance. As Mike says, Rock On!