Listing of Beats for collaboration


In an effort to understand this wonderful new toy…I went through and listed what beats are available (some are not very descriptive). I hope to add comments etc eventually along with what songs play to what beat? Feel free to copy and paste this to a text document and add your comments, songs etc. Lets collaborate and learn how to use this beast! :lol:


Blues 1
Blues 2
Blues 3 6/8
Blues 4 6/8
Blues 5 6/8
Blues 6 6/8
Blues 7 6/8
Blues 8 12/8
Blues 9 12/8
Blues 10 12/8


Bossa Nova
Bossa Samba
Bossa Nova 2
Samba Alt Kick
Samba Funk
Samba Reggae

Brushes Beat

Brushes 1 – Str 8
Brushes 2 – Str 16ths
Brushes 3 – Half Time Shuffle
Brushes 4 – ¾ Shuffle Waltz
Brushes 5 – ¾ Half Time Shuffle Pop
Brushes 6 – 5/4 Simple
Brushes 7 – 7/8 Simple
Brushes 8 – Str 8
Brushes 9 – Bossa Nova Brushes
Brushes 10 – Spanish Rumba


Country 1 -- Shuffle
Country 2 -- Train Shuffle
Country 3 -- 2nd Line Beat
Country 4 – Shuffle
Country 5 – Brushes Train
Country 6 – Brushes Str 8
Country 7 – Brushes Shuffle
Country 8 – Str 8

Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass 1
Drum & Bass 2
Drum & Bass 3
Drum & Bass 4
Drum & Bass 5
Drum & Bass 6
Drum & Bass 7
Drum & Bass 8
Drum & Bass 9
Drum & Bass 10


Funk 1 – Str 16ths
Funk 2 – Str 16ths
Funk 3 – Str 16ths
Funk 4 – Str 16ths
Funk 5 – Str 16ths
Funk 6 – Swung
Funk 7 – Swung
Funk 8 – Swung
Funk 9 – Swung
Funk 10 – Swung

Hip Hop

Hip Hop 1
Hip Hop 2
Hip Hop 3
Hip Hop 4
Hip Hop 5
Hip Hop 6 Swung
Hip Hop 7 Swung
Hip Hop 8 Swung
Hip Hop 9 Swung
Hip Hop 10 Swung


Jazz 1 med swing
Jazz 2 med swing
Jazz 3 modal
Jazz 4 med up swing
Jazz 5 med up swing
Jazz 6 funky Jazz
Jazz 7 ¾ swing
Jazz 8 5/4 swing
Jazz 9 7/4 str
Jazz 10 med up swing


Mambo 2-3
Son Montuno 2-3
Cuban Son 2-3
Danzon 2-3
Cha Cha 2-3
Rumba Guaguanco 3-2
Rumba Columbia 3-2
Marengue 3-2


Marching 1
Marching 2
Marching 3
Marching 4
Marching 5
Marching 6
Marching 7
Marching 8
Marching 9


Metal 1
Metal 2
Metal 3
Metal 4
Metal 5
Metal 6
Metal 7
Metal 8
Metal 9
Metal 10
Metal 11
Metal 12

Odd Time

Odd Time 1 5/4
Odd Time 2 5/8
Odd Time 3 6/8
Odd Time 4 6/8 feels like 3/4
Odd Time 5 7/4
Odd Time 6 7/8
Odd Time 7 9/4
Odd Time 8 9/8
Odd Time 9 9/4 Ethos
Odd Time 10 7/8


Oldies 1 4 on snare
Oldies 2 4 on snare
Oldies 3 4 on snare
Oldies Song 4 Bum Cha ka
Oldies 5 Bum Cha ka more
Oldies 6 


Pop 1 16ths
Pop 2 16ths
Pop 3 16ths
Pop 4 16ths
Pop 5 16ths
Pop 6 8ths
Pop 7 anticipated one
Pop 8 8ths
Pop 9 8ths
Pop 10 8ths
Pop 11 16ths
Pop 12 8ths


Punk 1
Punk 2
Punk 3
Punk 4
Punk 5


R&B 1
R&B 2
R&B 3
R&B 4
R&B 5
R&B 6
R&B 7
R&B 8
R&B 9
R&B 10


Rock 1
Rock 2
Rock 3
Rock 4
Rock 5 Jungle Toms
Rock 6 Jungle Toms
Rock 7
Rock 8
Rock 9
Rock 10
Rock 11
Rock 12
Rock 13
Rock 14 Jungle Toms


Reggae 1 Backbeat
Reggae 2 one drop str
Reggae 3 one drop str
Reggae 4 one drop str
Reggae 5 one drop str
Reggae 6 Stomp
Reggae 7 Swung one drop
Reggae 8 Swung one drop
Reggae 9 Swung one stomp
Reggae 10 Swung


Techno 1
Techno 2
Techno 3
Techno 4
Techno 5
Techno 6

Voice Beat- Box

BeatBox 1
BeatBox 2
BeatBox 3
BeatBox 4
BeatBox 5
BeatBox 6
BeatBox 7
BeatBox 8
BeatBox 9
BeatBox 10


Polka var
Serbia Ethno
Spanish Baleria
Spanish Rumba
Baleria with brushes
Spanish ¾ Beat with Brushes


Metronome quarters no accent
Metronome 2/4
Metronome 3/4
Metronome 4/4
Metronome 5/4
Metronome 6/4
Metronome 6/8
Metronome 7/4
Metronome 7/8
Metronome 9/8
Metronome 11/8

That’s a great start! Thanks!

Thanks for the info ! :wink:

Great idea. Thanks.

Thanks for listing this! Very useful - I should have thought of it :idea:

Having something like that would not only be a possible copyright nightmare (it’s not that simple like prefacing something with a simple phrase enables you to violate copyrights), it will actually be not that helpful in any way!

For example, I have totally no idea of the songs you just named. Am I supposed to google the titles to get the style of a beat? What makes sense for one country may probably mean nothing for the other when talking about songs.

Beats are independent by themselves. I think there is no need to “localize” or bias their names to something that may not add anything aside from possible copyright infringements troubles.

One detail I’d like to see specified in this list is how long the patterns are. I can’t recall if I’ve heard anything longer than 4 bars so far in my perusals, but I could easily have missed something like that and it would be good to know.

This is a really good suggestion. I would like to be able to see the pattern length myself.

Thank you! We need to do this with the list of drum sets as well.

I disagree regarding helpfulness and copyright issue. Unless these beats were “lifted” from any particular song how is naming a beat and a possible fit to an existing song ever going to violate a copyright? Fair use is allowed under current law.

What is fair use? Fair use is the right to copy a portion of a copyrighted work without permission because your use is for a limited purpose, such as for educational use in a classroom or to comment upon, criticize, or parody the work being sampled.

The key word here is “copy” and if a beat can be used in many songs, then the theory would say that all of those songs are violating each others copyright too. This forum constitutes a modern day classroom; teaching non-drummers how to use the Beat Buddy to simulate a live drummer (one who never speeds up or slows down!)

The list would help in that it gives someone who is not a drummer like me a sample guide that will help educate me in how to choose beats that may fit a particular song and also how to use fills and transitions. I probably wont know very many of the songs either, but finding a single song I know that someone has successfully figured out how to use the BB with is better than a generic tutorial. “Push this” and “step on that” doesn’t really help me very much unless I can apply it to a song I am familiar with.

I am looking forward to seeing what people have “mashed up” with the Beat Buddy and am certain that I am not alone.

Once the software arrives it will be easier.

I don’t think “Fair Use” gives Singular Sound the right to copy a specific drum beat and then sell it with their product.

The drum patterns on the BB are great in that with a little creativity, you can play all sorts of songs with any number of the drum patterns. There is no hard and fast rule that says in order to play “insert song title here” you have to do it with any one particular beat. Some fit better than others, but it’s really a matter of time signature and tempo, and with the BB you have lots of choices to experiment with. If you want the exact backing track to a particular song, you’re better off just playing the wav file on a computer.

I don’t think anyone is looking for the “exact backing track to a particular song” - but more of an informed guide that this beat could go with this song, that song etc. With the some of the beats/bpm combinations it’s not always recognizable that “oh, if I slowed this down/sped this up, it would fit xxxx song”.

But despite Beat Buddy’s lack of participation, some of the other Beat Buddy Customers have been gracious enough to share some of their experiences with those Beat Buddy Customers that appreciate the extra guidance… Customers helping Customers…


I’m sure all of you know, (but just in case) we can make backing tracks for any song and post the midi files here to download to the BB. As long as you’re not selling it it’s cool.

awesome!–I’m big on presets!!–

Thanks so much for locating this info!
I was having a hard time trying to locate anything in 6/8 or 12/8 to play some slow blues tunes or “Sleep Walk.”
You’ve made it much easier to find what I need from this wonderful machine!
Much thanks, again!

I just want to say this is an awsome machine. As i was sampling the multitude of song beats, I was actually looking for a simple rim/snare kind of beat, without a kick. ( eg. springstein “im on fire”. i cant seem to locate this beat. Am i missing something, or is this not yet obtainable? any help?

Very cool; Thank you so much for doing this. I have immediately saved a copy and printed it out. PS If you copy and past it in Word, use 3columns and a 10 font to get it neatly on two pages :smiley:

I must be missing something :slight_smile: where is the list?

It’s in the first post of this thread up there.