Live Looping/Giggin with BB/Aeros/Maestro?

Happy New Year everyone! I just went all in and thought there would be some content on workflow for gigging with this combo. For example, we can create songs on Aeros, set lists on BB, etc. Question is, what is a good workflow for using these tools? I love them all individually and I’m trying to figure how to make them work for me.

  1. Create song/setlist. Best in BB or Aeros?
  2. Simplest way to navigate the setlist to start, stop and progress through songs?
  3. How do you associate BB beat with a song on Aeros so when I load a song it knows what Beat to use?

There has to be some content on this somewhere, isn’t there? Can someone please help a brother out?

Aeros has more ability to control as master. But there are still use scenarios where bb as master is prefered.
Aeros has lists. And can call songs from beatbuddy.

Sorry but thats an rtfm question looks like page 102 on. Probably elements of answers to your question in other places.

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You would have to set up both likely, there are multiple tools to use with the BeatBuddy, and on the Aeros song management can all be handled on the unit itself.

To access the full capabilities of the BeatBuddy: edit/create songs and drum sets, import new content, edit MIDI data, and other features you will be best off using the BeatBuddy Manager.

You can download this from our website in the BeatBuddy Downloads, it is free!

Check out this BBM quickstart guide

Here is a useful playlist on YouTube on how to use the BBM

To only edit song names, folder names, song order, drum set names, drum set order, and import/export formatted content use the BeatBuddy Loader (v1.1.1)! The Loader is a newer application that can handle many of the simpler tasks that the BeatBuddy Manager does.

You could use either application (BBM/BBL) to edit songs in a folder into the setlist of your choosing on your BeatBuddy

The Aeros (now on v5.1.1) can organize songs within an album as well, making it easier to organize your Aeros songs into setlists.

To navigate quickly on the BeatBuddy you can use the Song Advance or Previous Song commands that are usable on the external Footswitch or using MIDI

On the Aeros, using the Hands Free slideout menu (press and hold the bottom left button to bring this out in the Loop Studio screen) use the wheel to select the Next Song or Previous Song options and press the RPO button to confirm. This will open the next song in the song’s album allowing to switch songs quickly and easily without leaving the Loop Studio.

Make sure to set the Album to be in a custom order, this can be done inside the album screen using the 3-dot menu. This way the Next song is a song you placed there chronologically.

This is done using Song Select, you can read more about that here:

Thanks for the questions, let me know if this was helpful!