Loading Premium Library to existing content

Just purchased the download option of the Premium Library. No way do I want any risk to my massive existing and structured content I’m giging with.

I have considerable existing content on my beat buddy (about two GB of storage used). Many folders storing lots of songs in alphabetical order as a master way to easily locate songs on audience request. They are created as folders folders of ABC, DEF, HIJK, LMN, OPQ, RST, UV, WXYZ with the song names in the folders), and I also have many set list folders with duplicate song files from the master folders structured in set list orders. And I also have some downloaded content and drum kits. Seeking a way to incorporate some or all of the newly purchased preimum library to my existing project.

I have frequent gig’s scheduled and can’t risk losing any of my prepared beat buddy content. How can I load the premium library or portions of the newly purchased premium library with no risk to any of my existing content. I use Beat Buddy Manager to manage all my beat buddy content.
Thank you.

Michael Melore

There are many ways to do this but this might be an easy method:

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your current project on your computer
  2. Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Open Project, navigate to your premium content and select Open
  3. Select and export the folders of the premium content to your desktop
  4. Use the BBM File - Open Project, navigate to your current project and select Open
  5. BBM File - Import - Folder, navigate to your desktop and select the folders you want to import to your current project, press Okay (or Open)
  6. Save your current project
  7. Export or Sync to your SD card
  8. Test your SD card in your pedal
  9. If all’s well, backup your SD card to another SD card

I know. We’re all creatures of habit and many of us don’t like change however, support for the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) has been discontinued. You should be able to get answers to your questions from other BBM users here on the forum or on Facebook—but at some point, that will probably end too. Why not migrate to the BeatBuddy Manager Online?