Lock/Unlock track documentation

Please, it was needlessly difficult to use the manual to understand the function below.

Certainly, anyone learning how to use the device would consider the manner in which the Lock state works as a primary aspect of locking and unlocking tracks, and not an addendum to it.

I wanted to use the function, and so I searched the manual for “Lock.”
I read page 19 in the manual

But I could not figure out how or if I could unlock the track later.

Eventually I found in the General Tech section that Tracks can only be locked/unlocked in the first song part, they cannot change state once more than one song part has been recorded to.

Please refund that particular 30 minutes of my life.

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You need to lock a track at the first part
When you lock a track this track stay locked on the 6 parts
when you lock a track on part 1 you can unlock only this one if no other parts is recording with the locked track
In otherway
When you lock a track and go to next part you stuck with this locked track on the 6 parts
But If you want to mute this locked track on Parts 4 , all the other parts stay with this muted track
Whatever you add on a locked track affect all this same locked track on all the parts

I hope they change this system , to have the possibilities to unlock on part 3 for example

The manual is clear on everything – the only bit left out was this:

Also with the conversational grammar, the meaning’s a bit vague –
“Once a track is locked and a new part is recorded, the track can no longer be unlocked” might be more clear.

I guess that’s a typo, you meant you can unlock this one only if no other parts exist with recordings in them?


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Sometimes things are missed, we’re sorry it took you so long to find the specific info you needed, we can easily fix that.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hmm! Odd, I think a bullet is missing on the manual versus the online doc we use to upkeep it

The text I have states:

Locked track rules:

  • In 2x2, you can only lock the top track. In 6x6 you can lock up to 5 tracks and you can only lock a track if the tracks before it are locked.
  • You can only lock tracks before recording a second song part.
  • If tracks are locked before recording them, you must record all locked tracks before changing song parts.
  • You can only unlock a track if the tracks after it are not locked and you have not recorded a second song part.
  • While STOPPED with the empty part icon (+) selected, you cannot toggle through locked tracks, the selected track is the next empty track in this new part.
  • You cannot lock tracks using the touchscreen if the current song part is not selected or while transitioning to a different song part.

Is this verbiage ok for you?