Lock'ed Track Content Disappears

On latest software avail via WiFi.
Has anyone else seen this behavior.
Working on a 6x6 song, with 1st track locked.
Was into my 4th part and suddenly the content on the first (locked) track disappears…ugh.

Just for context, in case it helps diagnose this issue, I did create a 2nd Part before initially locking the track in the 1st part, so then deleted the “last part” (2nd part) using the slide out menu and then went back and locked the 1st track on the 1st part, then created the 2nd part again after that.

The first track (that disappeared) still shows the red vertical recording bars, but no content, after it disappears.

Anyone else seeing this or is there a thread I should check out?

Also, now when I power on the Aeros and try to load the song, it does not load successfully, rather I see the attached screen.
The song appears in the Songs list, but anytime I try to load the song, it shows the same screen and does not load the song. So, it seems the entire song may be corrupted/lost.

Any help/insight appreciated.


Hey there,

Please write to support@singularsound.com at your earliest convenience

Thanks for reporting!

I contacted support and explained the issue and got back this:
We have never seen it before, so it is hard to diagnose without it being replicated. If it happens again, let me know. Thank you.

So, wondering if there’s any other insights you have or if there are any diagnostics/logging that can be turned on so if I do see this again, I have something to offer you, since it was multiple hours of work I had put in to build the content before this issue happened and now I have no access to the song because it won’t load, so not sure how to proceed…Any guidance is welcome, Thanks!

I’ve seen similar. When I copy a song and rename it to save it as a new song the locked tracks are gone.

Thanks for posting that to this thread. Has anyone else seen similar?
Brennan, any guidance? Thanks

Hey there,

Thanks for all the feedback, we are looking into this and will hopefully fix it ASAP

Thanks Brennan. You probably saw this other thread too, but wanted to mention it here since the person who posted in this other thread mentioned they believe it is likely the same issue, so linking to it here in case that’s helpful to you and/or the support team. Thanks very much!

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Hey again, we believe we have found the fix and intend it to be in the new version 5.2.x,

Thank you for your feedback and your patience!