Great tune by a great band. Enjoy! Included is the midi, the cheatsheet and the song. Uses Phil Flood’s STAX Harmonica and Piano.

lonely people.zip (54.2 KB)

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Thanks Phil

You’re welcome!

Thanks Phil! Great job as usual!!

Nice bit of work. America has always been dismissed (by me) with an eye roll and most of it still is but this one is now in our book. Real ear worm/HARF (high audience recognition factor) besides being fun.

I’ve always enjoyed the tune, like you say, HARF. Glad you like it.
Right now I’m kind of soured on the Buddy, been waiting years for a meaningful update. I don’t think we’ll ever get one.

After all these years (5? 6?) I’ve learned how to painstakingly tweak things in REAPER (thanks to yourself and others). My salvation was getting hold of a beta that allowed me to update the SD easily via Synchronization on my ancient MacBook Air (a 2011 stuck at SIerra). I was about to throw BB out after going through lengthy repeated ‘Exports’. I have to constantly tweak files to get balances correct etc so that was painful. However we need it like a drug to play live. I dare not even dream about modern capabilities like drag and drop, etc.