Looking for Final Lead Synth NP Bass

Lots of great songs being posted, but they require the Final Lead Synth NP Bass…I can’t seem to find it, or do I need ask someone for it…Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Nah. It’s Phil Flood’s Final Lead Synth with Bass kit. I added the NP to the kit name so that it identifies it as a kit with the modifications for non-percussion.


Sorry for the confusion. I’ll post the link with my songs that use this kit.

I just tried the Final Lead Synth with Bass, it didn’ t sound very good :frowning: it sounded weird & missing some instrument sounds…I was using Beatbuddy Manager V. 1.66…

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Hi - My wife loves this song going to learn…thanks. Only issue is the synths sound like they are all cymbals now. Do I have to change a setting somewhere?

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There are two Final Lead synth kits. The original, now called NP Final Lead synth and bass, has synth notes mapped at Midi 84 through 127. The newer one, NP Final Lead Synth and Bass XRL has the synth at 72 through 127. Neither should produce cymbal sounds in the synth range, though. You need to be sure you have the correct drum kit selected either in Beat Buddy Manager or on the Beat Buddy itself. If you continue to have problems, please identify the song so I or someone else can troubleshoot the issue.

Or just follow the advice Persist gave you. :slight_smile:

Can I please get this kit Final Lead Synth with Bass? Working up an 80’s set-list and could use something like this I’m sure.

Are there any other kits with piano, keys, pads?

150+ kits in Resources/Drum Kits

You mean this one:
or this one:
Hope this helps
found them in the Search Resources search box using the name of the required kit and checking the box for only Drum Kits to filter the search

“easy peasy lemon squeezie” ;^)

These dropbox links no longer work. where can I find these please?

You can give this one a try: Final Lead Synth & Liverpool Bass (Final Lead Synth w/Bass XRL)

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Thanks very much!