Loop does not start in time with the beatbuddy

My aim is to create a “canned” rhythm guitar track I can switch to for soloing over. Otherwise I hold down the rhythm “live”. I have the beatbuddy first in line but not controlling so the beatbuddy does not start the Aeros and I can do so “on demand”. Presently when I start the loop it is not in time with the beatbuddy I try to hit the button to start “on beat” seems like the timing shouldn’t be difficult with midi.

“MIDI clock does not carry any location information – the receiving device does not know what measure or beat it should be playing at any given time, just how fast it should be going.” - From https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/midi-clock/

In other words: Although you can use midi clock to ‘sync’ midi devices, the sync is only a measure of time, not an indication of when a measure starts. The beat buddy (or some midi controller, or your foot) must tell Aeros when to start, after which Aeros will be “in time” after the start command.

Noted. I have seen people make mention of “embedding codes” like midi notes that don’t necessarily trigger a note but an action of some sort. Am I reading that right?

There are various midi signals that are typically used to do different things, although sometimes they cross over. Examples include program change messages, control change (CC) messages, midi clock and SYSEX.

The current midi implementation for Aeros is included in the first post here: Aeros firmware 3.1.x

Just FYI, if you set the Aeros to react to MIDI Start only by playing back, the Aeros will enter a “scrolling” mode on the empty song and will be primed for setting up the recording manually on the Aeros or with an appropriate MIDI command. This is set from the Device Settings menu screen, set MIDI start to Playback only.

All possible Aeros MIDI commands can be found on the Aeros Manual.

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