Looper cutting parts of audio with MIDI clock sync

Hi! I sent an email with this issue to the support, but almost a week has passed and I had no answer, so I’m trying here.

I’m synching midi clock from an external drum machine and most of the time the looper doesn’t record the last part of the loop, sometimes a quarter, sometimes a bar.

The looper is getting the midi clock well as the bars are in perfect sync, so it’s not an issue with that. Also it seems to record everything, as you can see in the video, it just skips abruptly bits during playback. The songs is set to quantise to measure as otherwise it goes out of sync.

I uploaded a video to show better the issue: Problem with aeros looper - YouTube

I’m pretty sure the pedal is set as it should be… but maybe I’m missing something? or is it a bug?


It seems the information coming from your clock is not sufficient to be considered sync, the Aeros must read sync ON to behave as it should when following a clock.

Other users have reported similar mysterious sync issues but we have not yet found a clear answer why some devices seem to work fine while others are intermittently working or not at all. I would fumble with your clock’s settings if it has any and assure you are on latest firmware 4.3.1

We will be keeping an eye on this. What is the name of the external MIDI clock you are using?