Looper needed

I have the Boss RC30 great looper but no midi sync can anyone recommend a reasonably priced looper with midi sync, I will probably sell the Boss RC30 but I don’t want to spend more than £200 on a new pedal

Software loopers seem to be en Vogue. Quantiloop, etc

On the hardware side, users seem to like the JamMan and the Pigtronix Infinity (there’s one offered in the General Discussion section) for 250USD with remote foot switch.

Thanks, do the software loopers work on an iPad or do I need a laptop?

Quantiloop is iPad only. Very good feature set. It can be controlled with an iRig BlueBoard. If you already have the iPad, the program plus the BlueBoard will set you back about $120.

Did I dream this or wasn’t the guys behind the Beatbuddy developing a Looper as well ?

They are. Delivery date unknown.

Now that would be good a looper specifically designed for using with the BeatBuddy

The new version of Quantiloop gave me the flexibility needed to map my blueboard buttons and workflow exactly like the Rang 3. Now my heavy bulky hardwired BOOMERANG that I loved is on the list to sell and it has been replaced by a single light weight and wireless blueboard.

Is there any info about it at all ?

Not at present.

The only thing I can tell you is that it’s going to be REALLY cool! I promise :slight_smile:

Thanks, JK

I have a Boomerang 3 and the only thing that can top it is if it has the same features but also the ability to save the loops :wink:

Take a look at the TC X4 DItto that has looper and MIDI built in.


If you want a looper that also has delay and MIDI check out the Flashback:


IF you have the cash and want the best the Strymon Timeline is pretty awesome:


That or even an Eventide H9 that has looper, MIDI and hundreds of effects even!

Since I already have a basic looper in the EHX Nano 360, my next looper type pedal would be either the TC Flashback or the Strymon Timeline. If just looper with MIDI, you really cannot go wrong with the X4 Ditto.

I have the Flashback x4 and can tell you that the Midi will sync with the BeatBuddy on delays but not on looping.

I was able to set Quantiloop up to match every feature on the Rang. It also saves loops. However, unless you already have an IPAD, an midi interface and a foot controller (such as a blueboard) it would be likely be more expensive as compared to a hardware looper. I was very satisfied with the Rang as a hardware looper and it is a great product.

For me the reason for having a looper is so that I don’t have to boot up my computer and start programs to be able to practice or compose !

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Thanks guys! I’m a hardcore looper guy and all of what you guys say makes sense. David and I looked at or played with most of the top selling loopers on the market and taken their feature sets into consideration. We’re also adding some rather inventive stuff to make it super easy to use. Also, it’ll work seamlessly with the BeatBuddy. We’re working hard towards a NAMM release. Stay tuned…

exactly having a pure pedal guitar setup is great to avoid feeling like at work on a computer!

Are you guys on track for the NAMM release of your looper?