Losing the Locked Track Setting

I’ve updated to 3.2.11 and have a new (empty) song set up with the first track locked. I have the song saved this way so I can use it as my base setting when recording a percussion track.

When I record something and then delete it, it also deletes the lock track setting. Not only this, if I go back and load the song again from my saved song list, the lock track setting has now gone. Am I missing something?

Yes I would like this fixed as well, so as to have a locked song as a template

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I’m not sure, but while this would be nice, (since presently there is no way to activate a locked track other than using the touch screen) I believe you have to actually record a track then activate the locked track feature. So I think saving a blank song (with a locked track) doesn’t work as there is no pre-recorded data included in your save.

Saving a blank song with a locked track does work. Try it yourself. It just disappears as soon as you record some audio and then delete it.

OK so it seems that the locked track setting is saved in the song data???

Delete the song and lose the setting?

Why in gods name …

Any progress on this? Is there a way to permanently set tracks as locked?

Update to the latest firmware. Either use the touch screen to activate locked track(s) by holding the “clock” icon (can’t remember what it’s called) a square will appear around it signifying a locked track. Alternatively, hold the bottom left foot switch until the mixer appears. Press and hold again until you see the word lock appear press again to exit and your track is locked (a square around the circle).

This is fixed! Now clearing the song does not affect the Lock Track settings