Low output level

The Sound output of the pedal is very low. I was unable to get enough level out of the pedal to drive line input of Allen&Heath GL2400 mixer to satisfactory level. I measured signal I am getting out of the pedal in my Motu 828 Mk2 sound card and it was approximately -18 dbfs at full volume, which is very low for live use as the additional gain would introduce a noise. I am using Klotz quality cables. I used the other cables too just to be sure that the cables I used were ok, but no changes in level. Of course, I can always use an additional preamplifier but I don’t think the pedal was designed that way, otherwise it would be stated so in the user manual. Any ideas what to do?

Hey there,

Is this in mono or stereo? And are you on 3.8.0 using the v2 drumsets?

Let me know, thanks!

Hi, this is in both stereo and mono. Stereo field is even, both channels are producing the same volume. I am currently using 3.9.0 with V2.1 drum sets but I bought an additional SD card and installed V2 drum sets. Same thing. I also tried with 3.8.0. but no luck.

We’re going to investigate this, thanks!

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I had the same problem. I just realized there is another volume on the SIDE of the BB and not just the top one. Plenty of volume now.

That is headphones volume control. I tried that before, no changes in output signal.

Thanks. Could you tell me what level there should be at line inputs, full volume on both pots? (-6 dbfs, -3dbfs, 0…)?

Well, obviously no. Ok. If some of you ForumBuddies could help me? I have -18dBfs from pedal output (L and R, mono/stereo) and approximately -12dBfs from headphones output, both volume and headphones volume pots turned all the way up. I would like to know what dBfs you guys have (approximately) at line input in your sound card (Cubase, Reaper, ProTools…) or mixer or whatever. Thanks.

I will have a good thorough answer for you soon, I have not forgotten about you, just other tasks are present, thank you for your patience!

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I’m realizing that I am having the same issue with my BB. I have to max out the volume pot to hear the drums and it can not keep up volume wise with the other instruments going through my Aeros.
Running 1/8” headphone out to a mixer is not an option. I need the L/R 1/4” outs.

Sounds like it may be time to contact support@singularsound.com.

I did that already, but I would like to know what is the output level of the BB pedal which is functioning properly. It’s a matter of 2 minutes to measure it and write the answer here.