Mac Ventura 13.5.2 Compatibility

Trying to edit with BBManager. Saving a drumset crashes the BBManager app.

(Adding Version) BBManager-1.6.6c

This happens when trying to build a new Drumset from Scratch.

This happens when copying a factory Drumset and renaming it.

If working in a new Project… The project can be saved and will sometimes recall the Drumset, but wav files will not play. Trying to relink the same wav files and save results in a crash.

Creating new drumsets is totally unusable at this moment.

Yes, I watched the videos. Those same steps in the videos also crash the BBManager when trying to save a Drumset.

Anyone else have any luck getting this to work correctly?

I didn’t have any trouble using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) with Ventura and now I’m using Sonoma.

If you are not using one of the notarized versions of the BBM, that might be a possible reason for your issues: BBM and 1.6.6.c for MAC Signed and Notarized! Reinstall necessary

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Edited original post to include version. I am using BBManager-1.6.6c

You can have both versions of the notarized app installed on your Mac. Recommend not having both open at the same time. Try to see if that helps you with the Drum Set creation.

There is a post from Phil_Flood that describes how to create a drum set from a copy: search the forum for “brain-fart” by Phil_Flood.

If none of these proposed solutions help, probably best then to contact Support, for assistance.

Let us know how they help or how you resolve your issue.

Just want to keep this up to date. I cannot find a V1.6.4.1 version. BB appears to be using a forum for update releases and I cannot find it. Is there an actual SingularSound web page with all of the update versions?

If someone would like to reply with that actual link to the download… that would be cool. (Edit - Never mind. I found it.)

I have tried a few other approaches with 1.6.6c and this crashes on every save. Not a good experience at all.

In the spirit of reporting back… I tried V1.6.4.1 and installed it per the recommendation from Perist.

That also crashes when trying to save a drumset!

V1.6.6c and V1.6.4.1 both crash. I have watched the videos and have another user trying to help via messenger.

Hopefully the support guys will contact me tomorrow morning or Friday as discussed in a support email.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop and hope it works out.

You might want to make a backup of your project(s) before you are contacted by Support.

So… during the early stages of this adventure, the audio samples that I was using were copied into a new folder and I stripped the tags. This is my normal first step, but I may have missed it. I stripped the tags again last night and now the BB is not crashing all the time…

However, I created a new project with nothing in it. I created a new drumset and saved it without a crash. I then imported it into the project to keep going. It appears to be saving by double clicking on the Drumset name and the size of the drm file grows with each additional instrument/save.

Beat Buddy is saving wav files all over the place without any logic at all.
BB Files Mess (9.9 MB)

Check this video! I follow the multiple paths! Also, I have no idea where my cymbals have gone even though they show up in the drm when launching BB.

The nested folders symptom you describe has been known for several years now and is the result of a BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) bug that affects both Windows and macOS users.

You can find details by searching the forum for “nested folders” and here’s a link to a temporary solution Filename to long

Nested folder bug for several years….?

In any event, I went through my entire Mac and purged all of the folders and hidden files that BB created… in multiple places.

I rebuilt the SD disk.

I was then able to start with nothing in a new project and create one drumset, save it and import it back in.

Once I put all of my wav files into that kit I saved and closed the project.

I then reopened BB and pointed to the SD card duplicate that I made, added my Drumset file to the factory content and was able to export to the Sd card…. This took three attempts because BB froze on the first two.

The third time took and I have my sounds in the BB pedal. I hope that I can continue with a few minor edits and the creation of two more Drumsets based on the needs of the music I play.

Thanks for trying to help me.

FYI, I will be using this as a MIDI drum module… not a drum machine. Played it for about 30 mins today and so far it is working out.

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