Madness it must be love

Hi Guys.
I’m having trouble finding a suitable drumbeat for the Madness song it must be love, anyone got any suggestions.

Try Ballad 3 tempo 74 bpm

Thanks for the help’I will Let you know.

If I can find a decent MIDI source file, I’ll work it up late next week or the week after.

Brilliant Thank you

I tagged you in the post with the song.

This is probably not what you expected nor had in mind. This song by design leaves 14 bars of spacing between the drums. Rather than add closed hi-hats hits to fill in those 14 bars, I decided to work up the full instrumentation for the song as a one-press.

That’s madness… oh wait… that’s coolness!

Thanks persist. But I can seem to see/find the file you created.