maestro midi pedal

well , will we be getting delivery of the maestro midi pedal in the next few days?

The MIDI Maestro will be released in December, 2018. We sent an email notifying anyone who ordered of this change, but it’s possible you’re one of the few who didn’t open it.

Here’s the gist of it:

Hardware is good to go, but the firmware and mobile app is taking longer than expected. We don’t want to release a product that fails to meet expectations and so we’d rather take our time ensuring it’ll be great.

I’m actually beta testing the mobile app right now, and from what I’ve played around with so far, it’ll definitely be worth the wait!

Is there an link to further info on this pedal please?

very nice!!! I am in Oz, so if I pre-order one, is there any guarantee that I will be able to get one in December?


EDIT: oh and when will the manual be ready to check (prior to ordering if possible?)

[QUOTE="…so if I pre-order one, is there any guarantee that I will be able to get one in December?"[/QUOTE]

I love the beatbuddy and Singular…honestly though, their track record for on time delivery has been suspect. Hopefully this will change…with that said plan accordingly.

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I personally think David has done a remarkable job with Singular Sound considering this started as a Go Fund Me less than four years ago. All companies go through growing pains where the cash flow doesn’t go far enough to cover the perceived future growth. There is also a lag time in software development where testing eats pages off of a calendar like popcorn. Let’s cut them some slack. They only want to put out the best product that they will be proud to put their name on. Cookie dough is for people that aren’t patient enough to wait on the oven to do its job.

What?! a mobile app? What kind of app is this? Could you explain more? I think you need more advertisement, the BB is awesome and if the midi maestro can link all the ipad apps together, it will be way superior and Cheaper than any other pedal board “popular” brand

So we have a preliminary manual, but 1) I don’t want to share since we’re still working on the firmware and supported commands at launch could change.

  1. It’s almost irrelevant as the product itself will be able to send any command to any MIDI enabled device. Supported commands at launch are more just whether or not we’ll have created a preset for that command for you to quickly use. If a particular command isn’t supported at launch all you’d have to do is set it up or wait for us to create the preset (we have plans to dedicate staff time to creating presets for popular MIDI gear.)

Regarding delivery by December in Australia… I would wait and see. With international shipping it’s always difficult to give guaranteed delivery dates, and I’d hate to promise something we can’t deliver on!

As for the app, I’d love to share details, screenshots, and more - but I feel like it’d be premature. All I’ll say is to keep posted. There will be more updates regarding the MIDI Maestro and a few other prototypes that have been floating around the office. :smiley:

As for Leemo and User Name’s discussion, I think it is important to note that yes, we did go through some growing pains and had a bit of difficulty scaling, hence the delivery delay with the MIDI Maestro, but the important takeaway is that we learned from these growing pains and are in a much better place right now.

For example, the big mistake we made with the MIDI Maestro was announcing it too early. Which is exactly why I’m not allowed to take any pictures in David’s office right now haha. We have a few prototypes in there that are in the various stages of development, and instead of announcing them before completion we’re waiting until they’re manufactured to announce. :slight_smile:

All I can say is that Singular Sound is about to hit its stride. So keep an ear out. (If you aren’t in our email list, I’d recommend joining it wink wink nudge nudge)

Thanks Anthony. Re: delivery, I sorta more meant when it’s released in December will it be available at the same time in Australia…but yeah “wait and see” is best I guess haha!

Yep I added myself to the mailing list :slight_smile:

Ah! in that case, yes, we’ll be releasing the MIDI Maestro for both international and domestic markets at the same time. :slight_smile:


I agree, but I don’t think I read as much negativity into the original comment as you. They are, and traditionally have been way late delivering new products, and the resulting products have, thus far, been worth the wait. So I think I agree with you both.


Yes, I was not being negative. I am a big fan of the BB and Singular, I have bought about 85% of their additional content in addition to the pedal and footswitch. I use the pedal between 150 - 175 gigs per year. So, my criticism is based on history…with the hopes of it being different. As far as understanding software development, I have been a software engineer for a long time, I am quite familiar with development etc.:slight_smile:

User Name,
I wasn’t trying to point fingers at you and I hope that you didn’t take it that way. I was only trying to point out the difficulties that the BB crew must be facing and that we should be as patient with them as possible. I am an optimist by nature and always try to see things in a positive light. I dearly hope that I didn’t step on any toes in my comments for that was never the intention. If I did, please let me ask your forgiveness.

@LeeMo you do not need to apologize…I viewed us as just a couple of people discussing a product we both use and like. One thing I dislike about forums and other electronic media is you can’t capture the tone of a person’s response or comment. Anyway…it is all good.


This is why this is a great community: You all act like Canadians!


Seriously, we’re all on the same page, and no-one seems to be really trying to be nasty. It’s a truly helpful place.


Funny, I think this all the time. The BB forums are one of the very few nonvolatile places on the internet. Remarkable really!

I do feel safe here

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Well - to me the types that get volatile in music forums seem to be wanna bees , with visions of RNR fame and little real insight . Those type seek out places to vent their angst . This is not there kind of hang out I would venture to opine .

These types disdain drum machines big time .

Whether a week end Worship player or a club/coffee house/busker type player this BB Forum is mostly soloist territory and to get there you have to have [/SIZE]as solid sense of :[/FONT]
[][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Style[/SIZE][/FONT]
][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Direction[/SIZE][/FONT]
[][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Self Confidence [/SIZE][/FONT]
][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Add talent - multi instrumentalist included as well as single instrument talent :)[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Even novices see those in the forum with some experience as a positive thing to garner information from .
I have to admit I was/am not a fast study on the BB Manager and how to get content ( still struggling - sometimes it works )
But , as far as using this drum machine , it was a walk in the park , it’s that easy to play a song through I love it . The quality in the sound really got my attention first .

After I get fluid in the Import / Export /Sync , learning how to custom out a beat sequence in the BB Manager is my next challenge .

EZ :