Maestro to support double-presses and press-and-hold

This will increase the commands of each page to 18 :slight_smile:


We do not plan on adding hold functions to the MIDI Maestro. There is means to implement a press versus release feature, so you can hold the button down for something like a transition and let go once the transition state is over for example. But as far as a hold feature, that is not something we have in mind.

Thanks for the reply.

Or can we press 2 buttons at once to select the mode?

For example,
press the 2 left buttons to switch to Custom mode.
press the 2 center buttons to switch to Aero mode.
press the 2 right buttons to switch to BB mode.

With the latest firmware (version 1.07) you can hold the lower left and middle button down to access the modes screen just like pressing the mode button. However you need to the app to update the firmware easily. We’re finalizing the firmware update function in the app now. Stay tuned!

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Just following-up the issue of pedal presses. Is there scope / intention to be able to fulfil the following scenario?

  1. Press pedal (desired MIDI message is sent).
  2. Pedal is kept in down position (MM waits)
  3. Release pedal (a different MIDI message is sent, if desired)?

This would add great versatility!

This is what the MM already does! You can program it to send different commands on the press and release if you have the app (available on android, coming soon to iOS) by creating a custom mode.

We just do not see ourselves complicating it beyond that point.

To be clear, we will not be implementing double presses or holds on the MM so I will tag “considered”, thank you for the feedback!

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I took the Maestro because of its size, layout and spacing between footswitches, but now I find myself limited without the ability to assign midi commands using double-presses and/or press-and-hold. This would be a really great upgrade!